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  1. a summons, so they can still put it on my name even if i didnt live at the address no longer, even though person cant defend themselfs at court if it didnt get to them? Oh that was my only defence not living there anymore, but if they it still goes agaisnt my name im doomed as i really dont know wot to do now The letter has the court stamp and everything, i have not heard nothing about this debt for ages i was hoping that was that, then all of a sudden 3 weeks ago i got a letter stating court action i ignored it then now this court summons I know you must get asked alot of ques
  2. Hi can anyone please advice me? I got a court letter saying that im being taken to court for debt. Now if my partner writes to them to tell them i dont live here anymore will i still be getting a judgement? Can they give still take someone to court even if a person says that they no longer live there? I feel i may as well be dead because i cant afford this money now and im always on edge and i feel ill and sick about it all :-( regards Claire
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