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  1. Hi,

    6 months ago, I was in TK Maxx one the phone, and walked out with a bag. I was on the phone with my mum. I DID NOT REALISE I had taken it from the premises.

    All of a sudden, two men came up to me and asked me to follow them back into the store as I had just stolen a bag. I realised what had happened and followed them immediately, apologising.

    They conducted a search of my bag, and because I am a architecture student, I had on me a pair of pliers and two scalpels.

    They asked me to confirm my story and show them ID, but all I had was my student card on me, which did not have what course I studied.

    Therefore, they called the police. The police came and they said they had no option but to issue me a £80 fine, which, I being embarrassed and just wanted to leave, took it and paid. I paid the £80 and decided to put it to the back of my mind.


    Only recently has it come to my attention again. I currently work with disabled children on the weekends. I always have since I was 17. However, I need to have my CRB check renewed, so I wondered if this penalty charge would show up on my enhanced CRB.


    As well as this, I have a temporary job helping in a college, which again requires a CRB check. I wondered if it would show on here.


    I truly believe this incident is not my fault apart from walking out with a bag by accident. It is even worse how it could affect me now.

  2. So would you recommend I completely ignore the letters, or send one back with the one liner,

    "I deny any liability to you or your client" and not respond to future letters?


    Once again, thank you guys very much, I really appreciate all your help and support and will NEVER find myself in this situation again! I will always have this guilt and the criminal mark against my name, which could possibly affect my future choices, but at least I have learned from this.

  3. I've recieved two letters from RLP to date, demanding I pay them £187.50.


    1. I don't know if i should write back demanding a breakdown for the actual cat, because I know that £187.50 is way more than any damages to TKMaxx, a number RLP plucked from nothing. As i have returned all items undamaged, I don't think this could affect the sale of the objects.


    2. However, I am afraid of my "details" remaining on their databases for 6 years, and whether this will affect my future life/ mortgages/ banking/ employment.

    3. I am also afraid of them taking any sort of legal action against me, as police were involved, and if I am sued or taken to courts.


    4. However, I do not have £187.50 to pay RLP, being a student. My student loans barely cover my living expenses.


    5. Perhaps if I get my father to write them a letter responding they may take me more seriously.


    6. I've looked around on this site, where many people have been advised to just leave the letters alone and not reply back. I'm not sure if I should do this. I am scared RLP will take even more drastic actions.


    I am just unsure of what to do.


    Also, when I was at TKMaxx, the security guard threatened me that bailiffs would come round to my accommodation and take my stuff if I do not pay the charges. I am just really not sure what to do....


    Please help. I have attached the two letters I have received so far.








  4. Thank you Andy so much for replying.


    I will definitely be keeping an eye out for those RLP letters!


    Do I need to pay the £80 for penalty notice from the police?


    Also, I wondered how much this would affect my future job prospects.

    It would be awful if this very foolish mistake I made had an impact on the rest of my life. This all feels very overwhelming at the moment, and I have learned my lesson for sure!

  5. I very stupidly decided to steal items from TK Maxx.


    I was caught, and the Police were called.


    The total amount in goods was around £120, and I returned them to the store.


    I honestly don't know what was running through my head at the time, perhaps just, ohh, I may be able to get that for free if I steal it.


    I am now feeling like a foolish wreck and will never do it again.


    The police were called as I am 19 year old female student and in University and I have to pay a £80 fine to Thames Valley Police.

    I was also issued with a Notice of Intended Civil Recovery.




    I was wondering how much the Civil Recovery charge would perhaps amount to, as I am a student and don't have much money to live on, let alone pay this fee, and I'm feeling really scared.

    I don't want my parents to find out.


    I am so sorry and scared, and also wondered if there were people I am able to email and to get some advice.


    thank you

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