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  1. I've had a look through the statements and yes they did add fees and charges but in the end they were mostly refunded as I made numerous complaints to them about this. Lloyds did send me a letter of assignment in 2015 advising they had sold the debt to Cabot. I will pay back what Cabot paid for the debt, which would not have been the full amount of £1,500. Is there a template letter in the Library here that I could use?
  2. I opened it in 2003 or 2004.
  3. I had a £1500 overdraft on my current account. Following redundancy in 2013 I couldn't pay it off and then Lloyds closed the account and now Cabot have the debt. Until I recheck the docs from the SAR from last year I don't know when exactly they sold it on. I do know that Lloyds defaulted me on my credit report and then Cabot defaulted me with it too so I had two defaults despite me not defaulting with Cabot. They have both since gone from my credit report for just after a year.
  4. I didn't open it. It is an overdraft from 2013 which I couldn't repay due to redundancy then. Not sure what you mean by only Cabot can do that. Surely that conflicts with what you say!
  5. From above - £1,500 overdraft that Lloyds sold to debt collector. Letter from Cabot says "I have been selected for legal action to commence by our solicitors because I am not making payments. If you continue to ignore then this account will be passed to our solicitors who will then look to obtain a CCJ. Take action today and avoid a CCJ. We don't want to have to take this matter to our sols but if you do not take action within one month this will happen" Scare tactics I know but a SAR didn't reveal anything last year. Can I send a CCA or does it have
  6. No, the original debt was with Lloyds Bank. £1,500 ove
  7. I SAR-ed the bank, Lloyds, last year for PPi purposes and there was nothing relating to them passing this over to a DCA. Why am I sending a SAR in the first place? They wouldn't be sending me docs relating to them passing debt to Cabot would they? Also if I recall a SAR takes absolutely ages. I have had a further letter from Cabot telling me I now have 21 days before they start court proceedings.
  8. The overdraft was £1500. The outstanding amount is now £1411 so not interest and fees I don't think. I have only been paying £1 a month. I stopped paying them when I discovered the AA loan debt which is also with them had been written off. They are now threatening CCJ proceedings. I know it is a threat-o-gram but as it is not a loan or credit card I'm asking what letter would be appropriate as I can't CCA them as such.
  9. One of the debts with Cabot is for a fairly small overdraft I had. I can't CCA for this can I so can you suggest what I need to ask for when I write to them?
  10. Thanks dx. I tried to find my old posts but couldn't.
  11. No not so far but I am going - yes I was thinking that too!
  12. Cabot state "they have liaised with the AA who state the account was not written off as I suggest, and that I am liable for the full outstanding balance. When the AA use the term "written off", they are referring to an internal process in which they have written off recovering the debt through normal procedures. They must follow this process in order to move the account to their Recoveries Department". The original debt was £9,300. If the debt has been sold on to Cabot then they have only paid a proportion of that to the AA and now continue to chase me for
  13. The AA loan that I took out in 2005ish having done the rounds with various unpleasant debt collection companies is now with Cabot. I have been paying the minimal amount of £1 per month. Following requesting and obtaining SAR documentation for PPI purposes in July last year from the AA I noted in the reams of paper I was sent that it said the loan was a "bad debt" and would therefore be "written off". This was just in a print out - not an actual letter from them. I contacted Cabot in September to say I was now disputing the debt and would not be paying
  14. It does seem bizarre that Tesco want me to sign to authorise them to send the CCA to Intrum who in turn will send on to me as per my request in the PAP I sent them way back in June. Yes I will ignore now.
  15. So no I don't need to sign form authorising them to sent CCA to Intrum so they can in turn send it to me. No I haven't moved - address Tesco have is correct one.
  16. Have had a letter from Tesco saying they have been asked by Intrum to provide CCA. Interestingly despite all their threats to me they didn't even ask Tesco until 25 September so goodness know what they were doing for the previous few months. Tesco sent a form to sign confirming my signature. So they are the owners still then if Intrum have to request the CCA from them? I've not replied yet.
  17. Not sure what a "cal marker" is....... The letter is not begging!! It is asking them to reconsider her offer.
  18. She offered to pay £150 on Monday when she spoke to them. They point blank refused. Naturally she doesn't want to go with their Regain programme as that means a default and dealing with DCA. We have written to them today and emailed also asking if they would reconsider and accept her payment of £150 and request to set up another payment plan which she can pay online as opposed to having to ring them each month. She is quite unwell at present and doesn't need this extra stress. The fact that she has got to this stage with a cc is stress enough. I was
  19. Can anyone offer any further advice?
  20. Thanks DX for the reply. At this point she is trying to get Amex to agree to a further payment plan so she won't get a default. She will not be going down the "passing to our agents" route. She has phoned Amex but is going to follow up with a letter and no, she will not be speaking to or phoning NCO.
  21. My daughter has a credit card with Amex. She had been struggling to pay each month due to recent redundancy. She arranged a payment plan with them for £27.00 a month from April. She had to ring in to pay them, there was no option to pay online. Unfortunately she forgot to pay June's instalment due to illness and other issues. She has received a communication from them stating unless she pays the full amount of £1,200 by 19 July they will transfer the debt to NCO debt collectors. She has phoned them earlier this morning and offered to
  22. The letter I had from Intrum that I mentioned in the above post was dated 04 June. Today is 30 days from that date and I have heard nothing further from them. Please could someone respond on this?
  23. Morning Here I am again reporting I've had a response from Intrum saying "As we are the creditor of the assigned debt, we may not be in possession and/or control of all the documentation/information you have requested, and may have to revert to the original to obtain the same. Once we are in receipt of the relevant documentation we will respond to you and provide you with a further 30 days to either seek independent legal advice or contact to arrange settlement of the outstanding monies due and owing" What now? I really don't get this at all.
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