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  1. Thanks - I did wonder if it needed a new thread. So wait then. I don't understand though how people are told on here not to pay debt collectors as they have no legal powers - yet they can seemingly apply for a CCJ?
  2. Following Tesco assigning my debt to Intrum I have had letters from Intrum asking me to get in touch, then saying they were thinking of taking me to court, then an offer of a reduced settlement figure yesterday at letter saying they are getting ready to send my account to their solicitors who may apply for a CCJ. I have been told to ignore their letters by those who have replied on here but I cannot ignore this can I? Do I CCA them and if so what will it provide? That Tesco still own the debt? In which case why has it been assigned to Intrum? Tesco have assigned to them, I have the letter, so any advice would be welcome as I certainly do not want to go down this route.
  3. Yes the address I used is the 41 Silver Street Head Sheffield one as well. Not aware of or have written anything to the Aldershot DC.
  4. ?? Aldershot Data Centre .......
  5. I meant when I click on the link it takes me to this. No idea why, but could be the server I'm on - who knows. Anyway I have found this thread so thank you. As for taking HSBC to court to get them to supply the documentation I don't think I could be bothered to quite honestly. Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2S100/2 Contact Us
  6. I would do but it says I don't have permission and gives an error code
  7. Received a response back from HSBC re my SAR saying they had no documentation for a loan taken out in 2002/3. Wrote back and asked for Certificate of Destruction. Received a letter today saying they "do not store this type of information" but can assure me that HSBC takes it responsibility to protect customer records very seriously" bla bla bla. So all in all rather a waste of my time. This SAR requesting is turning out to be not that productive.
  8. From Lloyds' website : We are responsible for investigating PPI complaints for the following brands: Cheltenham & Gloucester / C&G Goldfish Lloyds Bank Lloyds TSB Lloyds TSB International Lloyds TSB Offshore Pearl (Mortgages) TSB If the brand of your product is not listed above and you would like to check with us before getting started, please call our dedicated number for PPI complaints on 0800 151 0292 or +44 (0)207 649 9015 (lines open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm Saturday). Thanks DX!
  9. Despite Lloyds' site saying they deal with old Goldfish cards they have written back (after I had to chase them about it) to say Barclays are who I need to contact. Could anyone let me have the correct address to SAR Barclays about this? I have looked online but there are several addresses given and i want to make sure I get the correct one. It is for an old current account. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you for that - I looked and looked but didn't come across that one!
  11. So no actual template. Ok well I have spent some time trying to find the example letter but so far haven't located it.
  12. HSBC have come back to me saying they have nothing relating to a loan I had with them in 2001/2002. I know there is a letter template to request the Certificate of Destruction or whatever it is called following disposal of any documents. I have heard back from three other organisations and it doesn't look like I paid any PPI which is what i suspected but it was worth checking anyway.
  13. Many thanks for this information. If debt not assigned/sold to DCA then DCA cannot enforce to court - ok I get that bit but then you say purpose of assignment is to put assignee in creditor's shoes - so if letter of assignment has been sent then DCA can take action in the same way. Ok then regarding my above post about Tesco and Ingrum - Tesco sent letter advising of assignment so effectively Ingrum have creditor's powers now yet I am being advised to CCA them? Don't get that at all. Re Cabot - I have not had any letter of assignment advising me of anything from either Lloyds or Sainburys or Cabot .
  14. Not sure what a PaP letter is. This debt has only been assigned to Intrum within the last six months. I have the letter from Tesco telling me they were doing this. I doubt it is SB - isn't that where there's been no contact for six years.
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