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  1. So they do that and still sell on to debt buyer? What low lifes eh? Then the DCA will chase and harass for the original outstanding amount. You couldn't make it up really could you. Nothing from Cabot so far. Thanks for the response.
  2. The AA loan I have that I have been defaulted on and which is no longer showing on my credit report as six years have elapsed has been passed to Cabot. I have received SAR documentation which I requested from Lloyds and surprisingly the paperwork from the loan was included - have since noted HBOS are part of Lloyds. On looking through the paperwork I came across the words "bad debt W/O". I have written to Lloyds again to gain clarity on this as there was nothing relating to them passing this over to Cabot. If the debt has been written off how have Cabot got their hands on it? I still find it confusing how DCAs seemingly cherry pick debtors. Is their a database they have access to or something?
  3. No I didn't - that would have been too easy but I've got a copy for them now.
  4. I've heard back from Citibank who state they need more information regarding my old Egg credit card. They are asking for certified copies of documentation to complete their customer verification process. I know what a certified copy is but does anyone know if this is usual? Thanks.
  5. No that's not what I meant at all. I was made redundant and the debts are a knock on effect from that - it took me a while to find further employment. Nothing to do with defaults I know! Yes all mine have vanished with the exception of a Lloyds one that should have done some time ago. I wrote to them asking them to remove it and they replied apologising and saying they will get it removed. Cabot also filed a default which ended on 28.01.19 and which will go on the next update of my credit report. They should not have logged this default at all. Thanks!
  6. Ok - noted what you say about hitting reply with quote...... I have posted 115 times - you over 124,000. Replies on here may be straightforward and obvious to some but others may find them not so easy to get their heads round. If Brig explained this years ago - I didn't understand it all then as otherwise I would not have fretted as I have done over some of my still outstanding debts. I was more concerned with the defaults, finding employment again after redundancy started this mess, so by paying only a minimal monthly amount I at least stopped the harassment I experienced initially from both the OC and DCAs.
  7. True I have been here on and off since 2011 however in my defence I have found it a bit of a grey area with regard to DCA especially when you have had a letter from the OC advising of them passing the debt on. Do you pay the DCA or not? As I said above I have been paying some a minimal amount but will stop now and CCA them.
  8. I will need to check but think it was around 2006 - 2008.
  9. What do you mean by "unenforceable"? Hold fire I just checked and it is what I thought it was! In that case would the OC sell the debt to for example Cabot for x amount and then Cabot basically try their luck to get me to pay any amount? My AA loan is not with Intrum - I am getting confused as I posted about another debt that they had bought. I will check the AA loan and update
  10. If that is the case how come Cabot contacted me saying they bought the debt from Lloyds and Sains? They have also on a number of occasions offered me a "settlement" figure on both amounts which I have declined on both occasions! PRA - so are they chasing for this debt when in fact they probably don't own it? I have only had one conversation with them as they told me they can't contact me as I had specified no contact by phone or letter in a letter I sent them over two years go. This is all very strange. I had a letter from the AA last week telling me they have assigned my debt to Intrum . I will certainly CCA the DCA ones for sure. Thank you!
  11. Loan was with the AA. It was taken out in 2005 I think. Without checking I'm not 100% sure. Unsure about PPI but I have sent them a SAR to check.
  12. One is a loan, four are cc and one is an overdraft. All defaulted from 2011 to end of January this year. The loan has been with Blair Oliver & Scott, Drysden Fairfax, Westcot and now Ingrum. CCs - HSBC Lloyds - passed to PRA Sainsburys - now with Cabott Tesco - just passed to DCA M&S - still with M&S. I pay a nominal sum each month for the above. My Lloyds overdraft has been with Cabott for some months. Lloyds defaulted me and so did Cabott so I have these two remaining. I emailed Cabott to get them to remove it, they said they would. Wrote to Lloyds to get them to remove the default. They wrote back apologising for it not being removed sooner. I have not requested a CCA for any of them. I am going to though. Thanks!
  13. Thought so but wanted to be certain - thank you!
  14. I have six outstanding debts that defaulted over six years ago. Five have been passed on to DCAs, one remains with the original company. I pay a nominal amount each month. From reading various threads on the site it seems that once passed to a DCA payment should still be made to the OC. I am confused because in the case of an outstanding amount to the AA they have only recently sent a letter advising they have assigned the debt to Intrum. In the case of four of the other debts I am confused as to who I should be paying, especially when you receive a letter from a DCA saying they have bought the debt. If they haven't then how do they get the debt and if I pay them why does the OC not contact me when the monthly payment is missed?
  15. I have searched for the cost of a SAR but can only find old posts where the fee is £10. Can anyone let me know how much it is these days - thanks.
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