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  1. Hi HCEO, I thought that a CCJ can only be issued to someone living I the UK, and to help your moral compass, in my original post I said that I paid what I owed until I could afford to pay it not more.
  2. The thing is, surely once the courts become aware that the CCJS were issued incorrectly won't all the other things fall away too? Plus once the bailiffs are aware that I'm not there, plus that there is nothing that they are able to seize, what could there next move be? What would be the benefit of making me bankrupt be, the montage company has first claim on the house, once they are paid back, there would be nothing left for any creditors. So why would they go to the expense of trying to make me bankrupt for zero gain.
  3. Yeah DX I am beginning to realise that now, but heard stories of theses companies tracking down where you work and making life difficult at work etc.
  4. Don't believe it's SB think that they have a few years to go yet, BUT I wasn't a UK resident when they applied for and got the CCJs and CHARGE.
  5. Well, hope you are right but its a "Notice of Issue of Warrant of Execution" from the courts on official court paper, Do you think that it could be a bluff?
  6. Please don't take this the wrong way but, unless its critical I would rather not say as I'm sure these DCAs view these sites trying to identify people
  7. Just to make matters even worse, they have also managed to get a CHARGE on my house.
  8. Hi DX I wrote this a few months ago but never posted it, unfortunately I've now received a letter informing that the bailiffs will be attending to seize goods in a few days.
  9. Hello first post and was hoping for some advice. I left the UK a few years ago and left some CC debts and unsecured loans, I continued to pay my debts until I could not afford to pay them any longer, at which point I stopped paying. The usual letters and threats came but these were just ignored. However a few companies have successfully filled CCJ’s as I still have a property in my name albeit in negative equity, I have until now just ignored these and was intending once they were out of time, to just have the whole lot set aside, as I was not a UK resident when the court issued the
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