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  1. In Nov 2012 we were subject to a CC judgement for £299.00 The court ordered us to pay £8 per month from Dec 2012. The claimant objected but was overruled. We have paid diligently every month and in one or two cases paid more.(We have every bank receipt). We have paid a total of £132.00 Today, a letter came from the court with an attachment of earnings and the claimant claims we have failed on our payments & still owe £211.00 !!!!!!!! They also have lumped £100 onto this. I have to fill in the attachment and send it within 8 days..What can I do? The claimants are telling lies and I have the receipts to prove. This is scandalous...Should I see a solicitor on Monday?
  2. Oh, That sounds very interesting!! Is there somewhere I can learn more about this pleas?
  3. I went to Ipswich magistrates today to plead not guilty over the old "fail to notify change of owner" routine after pleading not guilty. I was going to use the interpretations act and Human rights act, but found an anomally on the 1st page. They said I hadn't sent back the form for request of details and this was on a "witness statement" However unfortunately they had clipped the form I HAD sent back to it, therefore making it Perjury by JC poole on behalf of the DVLA.. The DVLA clerk also had a copy! LOL. How they could claim I hadn't sent it when both they and me had a copy!! Case withdrawn straight away before going in the door. God knows what a mess they are in! I bet a 12 year old could put a defence up against them. However, because this DVLA witness statement was not presented and was not used in a court, because of it's inaccuracy, can I now turn the tables and attempt to sue or prosecute JC Poole & the DVLA? I reckon I should get some financial retribution and my costs back?
  4. I still don't understand why you are asking Wentworth for a refund...It probably won't happen. Why didn't you do a chargeback as I previously suggested with the fraud dept of your bank. I complained and the card payment was reversed in 10 mins. Police won't be interested, nothing to do with them....Unfortunately, I would think that it is now too late for a chargeback just seeing when it first started, however well worth a try....It's not Wentworth who get you your money back it's your bank.
  5. I presume you reported the card fraud to the fraud dept of your bank? I bank with RBS and as soon as I told them within minutes they did a charge back whilst I was still on the phone, meaning that the 69 quid was back in my acct within 10 mins. They sent me a form to confirm and that was the end of it.
  6. You may have read by now my thread about Wentworth. Today RBS refunded my £69 pending enquiries. I also contacted Wentworth and explained what was going to happen. They told me EVERY phone call is recorded. Check which date you spoke to the call centre and then contact JENNY SHEPHERD at Wentworth who looks at the complaints. She will check your calls and be able to establish the truth. Surprisingly, the call centre telephonist didn't sound surprised or shocked at my story, which I believe says alot! I'm lucky I got my money from the bank next day, but this Ralph Marlon lot did try to tout me...their app form is in the bin. I think Wentwoth runs on how many 69 quids they can get in a day as brokers. They are not actually interested in lending money.
  7. Many thanks for that link though, as I wasn't expecting the RBS letter and thought I was going to have a fight on my hands.
  8. Well ! Some pretty fast moving stuff this morning. I received a letter from the RBS fraud team asking them to contact them urgently re- unusual spending pattern etc. I explained to them about Wentworth and what had happened from the outset. They have cancelled my card AND already credited my acct with the £69.00 I then have to fill in a form that will arrive by post and verify the facts. If at a later date it is proved that Wentworth took the money with my permission it will be re-debited. They also asked if I would give my permission to let them release details to the Police, Of course I said YES PLEASE !! I would suggest that Wentworth are operating in a dishonest way in my opinion and avoided. Somehow they are getting the bare bones of a card and from another source being fed the other details.
  9. Today, I went to put diesel in my van and had to wait for a phone authorisation on my card. Bewildered, I looked at my online banking when I got home and saw a payment of £69 to Wentworth finance. I made an initial application to them and one of their call center staff asked for the long number of my card and the expiry date "for verification" They asked for the last 3 digits on the back. I refused as I wasn't going to pay £69 for a loan application. Somehow, they have managed to access my acct and attain money. I made another application tonight and waited for the phone to ring, once I got to the card details part and logged off without leaving them. Lo and behold, 5 mins later the phone rang from an "unknown" number and a caller requested the same info. I told him what had happened and suspected them ofpossible fraud. They are in Gravesend and from my current point of view are running an online [problem].. DO NOT APPROACH THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING, THEY ARE possible FRAUDSTERS.
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