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  1. capquest worst nightmare this is not quite correct. I made a late payment a while back and was told that it would show on my credit record. This ROP is only there if you are unable to work and then unable to make a payment so it does not come in to affect unless you are in what Vanquis deem 'difficult financial circumstances' - because i am working and simply forgot to make the payment on time I was not helped.
  2. I haven't contacted them yet. I remember they asked me about this after i received the card and i declined but i only noticed recently that this was on my account and as i can only see statements going back 6 months i have no idea how long this has been going on for! Should i ask them to prove that i agreed to this? If so, is there a template letter/script i should use?
  3. How do i do this Bazooka Boo? A few other posts say that you can't claim it as it's not PPI, do you have any more info?
  4. My credit rating is much better now @ capquest worst knightmare and have have 2 other credit cards with much better intesrest rates. @ Bazooka Boo there is still about £900 on the card but i am able to 0% balance transfer this all on to another card. I just do'nt know if i should do this now before trying to claim back this ROP money, but i am keen to move it qucikly due to the ridiculous interest! Do you know how i can reclaim this and do you know of anyone who has done this successfully?
  5. Thanks @citizenB. Is there any possibility they could reverse the decision.Yeah, its been a long process, just under 4 years! They were probably desperately trying to find a way to enforce the payments from me!
  6. I have had an account with Vanquis for a few years (opened originally as I had a poor credit rating) and i am looking to close thsi and balance transfer to a 0% account. I never check my statements (bad, i know) as i get a text each month with my balance and the min amount payable. When looking at my statements toady (i can only see back about 6 months) i noticed a Repayment Option Plan payments of about £14 each month. My questions are: I know i did not agree to any sort of protection on my payments, what can i do to claaim this back? Should i do this before balance transferring and closing the account with Vanquis?Thanks
  7. UPDATE:Received 3 letters last week to tell me that they were writing off the debts and closing the cases! Thanks for all of your help!
  8. Update - after receiing another letter from UKPC, which was ignored, i received a letter last week from a DCA called Zenith offering me a reduced payment of £80 or threats of further action. What should I do, continue to ignore?
  9. Thanks @cardiffdevil! I assume i can await an endless stream of letters notifying me of legal action?
  10. Hi, I received a partking charge ticket on my car from UKPC for parking at the front of a friends flat, the ticket states the ticket is issued for "parking in a permit area without displaying a valid permit". it also shows that the issues time of the ticket was 13:54 and that the vehicle was first seen there at 13:47 - i don;t believe this is a reasonable amount of time to wait before issuing the ticket. I was going to write to them to explain that i had just been visiting a resident of the building but having read other threads on here i think i should just ignore this ticket but just wanted to double check, any advice is appreciated.
  11. Update: Letters sent (recorded delivery) for all 3 accounts in Dec, the following response was received mid January but only for 2 accounts (lets call them A and B): We write to confirm that we have noted the dispute/query that you have raised. We will make the necessary enquiries and let you know the outcome in due course. In the meantime we will stop all collection activity for this account. Please let us know if we can assist further. Today i have received another 2 letters but for accounts A and C dated 22nd Feb saying: Please note we have not yet received a response from the original creditor. This note is to let you know that we are continuing to seek an update, we will let you know the response as soon as we hear; your account remains on a temporary delay. Thank you for your patience. So, a few questions from this: Should i contact them to ask whether they receieved the original SB letter i sent in Dec for account C as i never received any acknowledgement at all, or is it enough that i have the receipt for recorded delivery? Should they be sending me any letters like those i received today; does the SB letter not advise them that they should not contact me? Can they continue to send letters like those received today indeifinitely or is there a point where i can move to another stage to stop them? Thanks!
  12. Hi All, So it has been a long time since my last post about this but this has now resurfaced. To summarise - I sent the letters as advised earlier in the thread and received one back (in April 2012) stating the last payment was in Feb 2007 (almost 7 years ago). After this time I moved home and did not send them any further correspondence. I am now married and at a new address and recently received 3 letters from DCA Robinson way, all about debts with Egg. I have held off doing anything until now, when they have sent me 1 letter advising of a home visit (can they do this in Scotland). I am keen to have this closed off once and for all, what should I do? Do I need to start all over again by sending this DCA one of the letters I sent previously? I would like to have this closed off for good but it seems they will just keep passing from one DCA to another! Help!!
  13. Thanks sequenci. Maroondevo52 - i sent this letter before and as a result (plus a call where i did not acknowledge the debt existed) they have now sent me the copy of the original contract and the statement showing my last payment to them was on 09/02/2007. I can not recall any payments directly to them but may have just forgot, the statement has nothing to identify exactly who i paid. Could it be that because i have paid them in the past, this counts as me having recognised the debt and they can claim the funds back, even if the last payment was on 09/02/2007? Or will it still be extinguised because it has been over 5 years since i akcnowlegded the debt at all? Really getting worried that there might be a way round it for them to pursue this!
  14. So an update on one of the DCA's above. After communicating with CapQuest using the statute barred letters, they have now sent a copy of the original agreement and a copy of payments made showing the last one in Feb 2007, asking me to contact them about how i am going to settle this account. As 5 years have passed since the last payment and i have still not akcnowledge the debt,can anyone advise what i should write to them, as surely this is statue barred and they cannot enforce payments??
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