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  1. Me too Annie, straight back to FOS, already spoke to a supervisor there, so they will be looking at it this week
  2. Sorry dx, not sure what you are saying, are they using the average, or decrasing down to zero?
  3. sent off paperwork over a month ago, no response, rang today, got a whole load of useless info I knew. They said could not recalculate if no statements for period. I asked how they had calculated for the missing dates between 1994 to Dec 2000. The supervisor I spoke to today said they take the last two known statements, average out the PPI on those, and use that amount (not what I was told last time!) However, if you look at my spready, the last two known PPI payments are both 36.95, so then it should be 36.95 from May 1994 to Dec 2000 -worked that out and it came to over 50,000 for the entire card, when they paid 11,000. Best bit was, when I said well that should be 36.95 per month, he said he couldn't confirm that, as they may have earlier statements in the calculations office. To which I replied, well, that would be interesting as you have already tried to hide a heap of statements from us already!!!! So either, those are the only statements they have, which means our pay out should have been a heck of a lot more, or they have to admit to witholding more info!!!!!! Can anyone shed more light on this? Anyone had an offer which included missing period, and was told how it had been calculated?
  4. Got a letter back, lots of "impressive" graphs, etc, about seven pages long. Read throught it all (am sure I was not meant to understand it!). My reply was only a few lines: 1. Confirm that with relation to the 1993-1997 payment, you only applied the CI to the end of 1997, not up to current date? 2. Please inform the author of the letter that, contrary to his stating twice within the letter that our cc account was closed early 2012, it WAS NOT. However, if that is the case, could we please have a refund of all the payments we have made on the cc since then! Not heard anything back yet, apparently a letter is on its way to us soon, not sure what to expect. Seriously, the man hours they must be wasting on these to save themselves some money is staggering!
  5. OK, here is my redress offer estimate. Dates highlighted in yellow are all guestimates, I admit very roughly worked out, but I have also attached PDF of my justification for the balance amounts. Please have a look and let me know if you think my reasoning makes sense, or have I just gone crazy looking at too many spreadsheets for over a year!!!!
  6. Yes, from Jan 2001 through to current, I have ALL those statements, all the spending, payments and PPI amounts are taken directly from statements. So now I have to guestimate working backwards, using known highest balance and requested credit limit increases. Will be rough, obviously, but gives me a better indication. Basically, what it does tell me is that BC are saying that from May 1994 through to Dec 2000, PPI payments came to 1464.10 - so average of 18 pounds a month-think not. From Jan 2001, it will go up until about early 1999, where it would have been 7424, and then work its way down again! Does the spreadsheet look ok?
  7. Thanks Citizen B. Here is the spreadsheet just from known statements from 2001. Could you have a quick look for me? Am pretty sure they are correct. Interesting to see how just that period id only 2000 less than entire BC offer. Plus, in their offer, from Jan 2001 back they went down, as I said I have prrof (from them!) that it went up to 7424. I can pinpoint that timeline by the manual credit limit increases we requested. I am going to estimate card usage from 1994 to 2000, using all that info, and let's see what we get! Hee hee, am starting to enjoy this now [ATTACH]42498[/ATTACH]
  8. OK, finally have all the CORRECT statements back to 2001. In their offer, they said they worked backwards down to zero from earliest known statement. Good news is, within some of the paperwork they sent us, is the highest balance of the account, which is 7400. However, none of the statements from now back to 2001 go above 5000-thus, the way they have calculated the offer is incorrect! I also have records, again from them, showing three quick credit limit increases, manually rather than periodically created, so I can pinpoint when the balance was that high, as it corresponds with the credit increase. I shall have a busy night tonight redoing the spreadsheet!
  9. I have asked them to provide the breakdown, have been told they will respond by the end o next week. Thanks again ims and slick.
  10. Have you received the breakdown yet anney? I think they still owe me more than what they have offered on top of the amount they have offered (if that makes any sense?)?
  11. Thanks for the messages. UPDATE Received the statements from BC, but guess what they did???? In 2002 the account number changed to a new one. However, they have sent statements from the old account number, over a years worth, thus claiming the card balance was zero for all that time! It gets more and more interesting every day!!!!! So next thing to chase up is the correct statements for all of 2003 and half of 2004. Might get everything we need by the end of this year!
  12. Is there anywhere to quote, like from the FSA, where it says we are entitled to see their calculations?
  13. I believe your claim is with BC, as when they took on the account they took on the responsibility.
  14. So, received the "new offer", taking into account the earlier years they did not pay us for previously. Have a look and see if these figures make as little sense to you guys as to me? Original Offer: July 1997-February 2012 Premiums Paid: 6120.69 CI: 9779.53 SI: 1543.39 TOTAL: 17443.61 Revised offer: May 1993-February 2012 Premiums Paid: 6744.66 CI: 9843.27 SI: 5096.75 So, for the 48 months between June 1993 and June 1997, they are saying we paid 623.97 in premiums, the aditional CI is only 63.74, however the SI jumped up by 3553.36 In the offer, they say for the statements between May 93 and 2005 where there are missing statements, they calculated the offer based on the average card balance. However, I work out the average card balance as 4879. Where as the average for the additional premiums comes out as 12.99 p/month-yet, if average balance is 4879, the average PPI should be about 35 pounds per month, surely?
  15. Just had a call re statements from Jan01 to Apr 2004, "Oh well they might have had them then but not sire how long they would keep them, so they might have destroyed them by now" Seriously? I have said if that is what we get told we will be getting legal advice, would they be outrageous enough to claim this?
  16. Card/PPI opened Feb 1994, used regularly, then a lot between 1998 and 2002, had some zero balance years on it between 2007-2010, PPI cancelled about a week ago..... ..Can't really work anything truly indicative out as only have statements back to May 2004, and some of those were 0 balance, so need to get these earlier statements to give me a better indication... ...But I really can't see the SI being more than the CI, not with the length of the account and the spending. Don't forget, as they only had statements back to Jan 2001, they say they estimated from last known statement down to zero in 1994. I guess if there had not been a lot of spending, the years at zero balance would account for higher SI, but it looks to me like they have used a very low interest rate to calculate the CI?
  17. Thanks Slick Have details of their offer through, do these amounts make a slittle sense to you all as me? Premiums Paid: 3796.29 Compound Interest: 3400.94 Simple Interest: 3969.24 This is for a card starting Feb 1994, no known statements until Jan 2001 (I have not seen Jan 01 to Apr 04 yet), I have from May 04 to current. With my HSBC offer, the CI was much much more than the SI, has anyone ever seen it where the SI was more?
  18. If you are familar with this case, you will know that BC, verbally and in written response twice to our SAR, including pressure from the ICO, insisted that they only had statements back to May 2004. However, one night I went over every ine of the dot matrix print outs they had sent us....and noticed a very interesting entry: Memo Type Code ARCH ARCH= STMT ARCHIVE COPY REQUEST MEMO TEXT COPIES TO CORRESPONDENCE PPI GLASGOW JAN01-APR04 That was in November, just after we had raised the PPI complaint with them, before we even sent in the SAR. Speaking on the phone once they made their initial offer after the FOS found in our favour, I asked how it had been calculated, all innocence, and was told they had statements back to 2001, and from then to start of card used estimates!!!!!!!!! Thus, anyone doing a SAR with BC, don't listen when they spout the six year line, not true! I have fired off emails to every BC address I could find, and am waiting for a reply. First and foremost, we have told them we want the statements back to Jan 2001 sent to us immediately. I am also complaining again to the ICO, and to the FOS as BC caused us unnecessary stress, etc. It is well over a year since we sent the SAR, so I would say they are just a little bit guilty of non-compliance!!!!!!
  19. Quick update and question: FOS could not look at case as we had signed offer, however interestingly, HSBC answered an email I sent to CEO office, and have recalculated loan back to start date, based on estimates for early period of 4 years where we have no statements. Just waiting for offer letter to come through. So, if you settled a claim when the banks were still getting away with only looking at the info they had, may be worth going back to them! On a tangent, in 2003 we took out a loan from HSBC to pay off cc debt. The loan did not have PPI, however with the reconstructed cc after discounting PPI, the card balance would have been practically 0, and as such we would not have needed to take out the loan. Has anyone done anything about this type of situation, at the very least tried to claim the interest back......as my argument would be, they have said we shouldn't have been paying the PPI, and if we had not been, we would not have needed the loan, so we want our money and paid interest back.....does anyone think it is worth a shot-after all, the have to put the customer back in the position they would be in had they not piad PPI, and this is directly related. Any thoughts?
  20. I think generally the FOS will not look at a case i which you have signed to accept a full and final offer, however, I don't know if they would if you can prove the bank has really misled you?
  21. I should be able to post some very interesting news relating to BC in about a week, but in the meantime, this should make everyone laugh....it is laugh or cry and I will not cry over these people. Even though they have upheld the case, have made offer and payment is being processed, the PPI is still active, and they took PPI on our early Feb statement! The FOS were very interested to hear this when I told them!
  22. Does anyone have any useful email addresses for SAR issues? Any help would be most appreciated. ty
  23. Have just seen there is a version 2 of fos running spreadhseet, what is the difference between v1 and v2? Have still ben doing all my calculations on v1???
  24. What email address should I use for BC? Anyone have an address they can tell me about? Thanks
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