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  1. Hi folks, feeling a bit fed up and fustrated with the Halifax now. Have sent letter on behalf of my hubby accepting their offer of £502 as part payment against a claim of £992 and advised them would be seeking the rest. Have heard nothing. Now ready to submit MCOL but really scared in case i have misunderstood something and blow the whole thing! I have included all the account details, schedule of charges etc although they have already had a copy of a spreadsheet showing charges being claimed. The total amount claimed = £992. I have entered the figures into the excel (8% interest) spreadsheet
  2. Just thought i would share with you the fact that i just received £1,700 back from a claim of £1900!! Hoorah, hope this gives encouragement to all you others out there - don't give up! Will be making donation to this site and a big thank you to all those who helped and advised me along the way Also, just started second claim as HSBC applied further charges totalling £185 on the same day they refunded the £1,700!
  3. Hi all, my hubby claimed £992 in charges from Halifax. Got offered £502, accepted it as part payment and stated would be seeking remainder. Their reply said no further figure they can offer and suggested we contact the Ombudsman. Just completed interest spreadsheet to go with MCOL but a little confused as their letter didn't say if they were sending the £502 or withdrawing their offer altogether so not sure what amount to put on MCOL? Can anyone advise us and/or reassure that we are following the procedure correctly?
  4. Can anyone advise us as to a letter we have received from the Halifax Plc. Following prelim letter claiming £992 we received offer of £502.00. We replied stating we accepted the £502 as part settlement and would be seeking the remainder. Have now had reply saying there is no further figure they can offer. Should we accept the offer or is this a fob-off letter? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  5. I have today sent a prelim approach to HSBC claiming £1911 in charges plus £372.93 interest, totalling £2283.93 but i made an official complaint to the customer services dept which included a bit about their phenominal bank charges. They then deleted septembers charges/interest as a "gesture of goodwill". I'm worried that unless i refuse this it will affect my claim. Should i write back and refuse it and explain my intention or won't it make any difference? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  6. Hi guys, i'm feeling very much the new girl doing this. Me and my hubby have just sent prelim request letters to our banks. I'm claiming over £2,000 from HSBC and my hubby is claiming £900ish from Halifax. Can't believe how the banks have been getting away with it for so long. Good luck to everyone else claiming and i'll keep you posted
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