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  1. First letter I Have seen from LLoyds actuallu rebutting the ppi refund. Change of tact from them? or have they now employed someone from Capital one!
  2. I am getting no success with cap one and thinking about court rather than FoS.
  3. I have also sent a copy of their calcualtion to M & S to prove that over the same timescale and roughly the same level of total premiums then HSBC get to a proper figure based on the FOS rules so get a grip!
  4. Have now received a revised offer of £2,755 and includes the ppi payments made on all the statments that I sent them back to 1994 (with gaps). The PPI premiums total about £989, interest about £1700 and 8% intrest of about £71. I say about as I have left the letter at home. They have not added anything for the cost of providing them with all the information and my time and trouble.Using the FosCISsheetv101 spreadsheet and a generous (to them) interest rate of 15% then I get to £4,062 (ie preimiums £989 and the rest interest). I have written thank them and offfering to settle at £4,000. I also found two more statements from 1996 and sent them as well. This might let them see the sense of getting me to a F & F before I find more info! Any views?
  5. Capital One, Egg and HSBC are proving to be the toughest ones I have yet to crack, though M & S money are also doing a good job. Best was Tescos Personal Finance. First said no, then I sent them a statement proving it was added, then they said it wasn't real, and I didn't have nay furtehr information so go away. I then sent them 183 pages of statements. They then jsut sent a cheque for £500 to go away. Spreadsheets showed it would be around £450 so i accepted. They all seem to hide behind the no information wall. lloyds was most honest.
  6. I also attach a spreadsheet I have done with all the ppi premiums I have from the statements I have to hand. In some places (where the figure is centred in the column) I have made a guess but I haven't done this all the way through. If anybody wants to copy and past and recalculate then I would be very happy. And also suggest a reply! M & S Money calculation 040112 cag.xls
  7. I have been grinding away a claim with M & S Money for three months and the attached letter has finally been dragged out of them showing their calculations. I have a good deal of statements going back to 1991 and their offer has come up from around £700 to £1200 but they do not seem to want to give me interest, at either 8% or the contractural rate of 15 to 22% on the PPI premiums. I have done various spreadsheets and would like someone to have good look at their views and let me know a further way forward M & S letter 210212.pdf
  8. I am trying at the moment though they are proving difficult! Trying to prove that their policy excluded my as I was a shareholder/director in my employer and they even had the cheek to say I wasn't at the time I applied, despite the form (from the copy which they sent me) saying I told them my employment title was director/secretary. I have sent them copies of the annual reports ( not a public copy) and they have gone quiet again.
  9. I noticed from the spreadsheet posted on here that the their seesm to be somefigures in yellow? Are they just beducated guesses? Also I note the it should start with the first statement and work down. I am currenty doing a claim with M & S Money and have statements goin back in dribs and drabs to 1991 and it is the gaps that worry me but this spreadsheet spreadsheet seems to get wildy diffrent figures due back from the other versions that are straight interest caluclators. I will spend the morning enjoying a spreadsheet session for fun and see what comes up again. HSBC seem to own M & S Money and I have a claim with them as well so I want either of them to confirm the way they calculate it and agree.
  10. Oh I forgot; I also asked for £5 per statement the same as they would charge me if I asked for them. I do not expect tog et hat but a contribution would be nice.
  11. recieved an offer from HSBC but only for the premiums from Feb 05 to Dec 05 as their records do not go back any further. I have sent them copies of all statements I have to hand at the moment (183) going back to 1994. The account is still open and the ppi payments were cancelled by me in January 2006. They have said in their letter that they have upheld my complaint and will not do anything else but send the statements. So we will wait and see. Their caluclation of the premiums for part of 2005 is £358.78 ( I am missing two months but my schedule comes to £305.69 so this is honest) and then interest of £351.91, and 8% interest of £4.37. I presum the latter is on the refund calculation up to the date of my complaint and then 8 % from that date. This appears to be a good start. I was wondering if anyone has got definitive info anywhere that says I can force it back to when my records began ( and I keep finding statements) which using the calcultors available on this site comes to around £6,000 on the premiums I have from my statements. They have also given a good breakdown which was helpful. M & S Financial services says my calcultaions are all wrong but HSBC has used that method, as Lloyds has done so this is a good omen. I shall keep at it and any commnets would be welcomed. How do I donate to this website?
  12. I made a search of my possible ppi payments over the years after my wife made a claim to Natwest and got back £1245. I checked all my statements and I know I asked that the I cancelled all the cover on my credit cards in December 2005 so I though I had no hope. the first I got back was from MBNA for £1430 and though I was doing fine, and then I got £7064 back from Lloyds. This made start looking into how it was all calculated and this excellent web site. I have now had an offer from M & S Money but when I put the figures into the various calculators on this website in comes out as a much larger figure - if I did the MBNA payments then I also do so I think I may revisit that one. Just to clairfy the interest rate. Do I use the rate I was charged by credit card and compund this for each ppi payment, or is it compounded at 8%? HSBC has now sent me the FOS questionaire to fill in and would welcome views on whether I should fill this in as it does have some pitfalls and do not want to jeopardise a claim in anyway. Incidently when I put the Lloyds figures from my statemnts into the calculators I do not get near their figure - close but about £500 out in my favour.
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