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  1. They are insisting I send in my bank statements to show that the loan payments were actually made, despite sending a SAR saying they had no records, and me sending through a copy of the loan agreement etc etc so many times. They have offered me 1 months premiums plus interest to date as I only sent them one bank statement (I did that to prove I did have records), and now think I should take mickey and send them very second one for 48 months, and then the rest when they have recalculated just to keep them busy. The said I cannot take it to FOS but instead to the FSCS or something. The loan was a loan rather than a finance leasing agreement so I think they are wrong on that score.
  2. As a result of looking through all my bank statements, cupboards, any box file, old shoe boxes I have found my life of debt has been continuous, but very fortuitous with PPI claims. I have received from HSBC the following Credit card ( in two payments), £3800 Loan £1500 Flexiloan £2900 Taken with my other payments from Lloyds (£7000), MBNA (£3400), Cap One (£490 was 0% int deal for most of card so no large interest roll-up) I have received over £19,000. I currently have three in FOS with Egg (though just received letter after 14 months saying I am going to receive an offer) which could be £1500, M & S Money which will end up around £4,000 and Market Harborough Building Society which will be around £1600 as well. I have also put in pretty fly claims to RBS over a car loan via Capital Bank that I have proof of payments going out my bank account but cannot find the original loan reference nos, but will get there in the end. It took them 7 SAR attempts before they admitted they had no paperwork and had failed to adhere to 40 day period. Sent me a nice hamper which was gratefully received. Also had Natwest credit card and they have had to rely on my records again so that should be another few hundred. I have also been evangelical about this site and have now helped over 40 people start and complete reclaims and the lack of confidence and ability of most people I come across to actually write a letter (they all have computers) staggers me. They think they can/should just phone up. I have helped one man in his sixties get over £14,000 and another £3,000 and both could not believe how simple to was to actually write the letters, use a spell checker, and get the money back. I do (not) feel for the banks as when I have been through the stuff and calculations, I have in quite few cases received back more from them then I ever paid them in interest on the loans, and certainly their share of any profits on the loans. They will no doubt get me ( and all of us) back some time!
  3. I have had the same, and look for a thread started by I think emmtay on the same subject. They have not taken me seriously at all until I did one simple thing. Companies house search, directors home address and then s234 (not sure on number at mo) application to registrar as they did not reply to reasonable request and correspondence to the service addresses. Had to go though registrar ( as I agree for security as a bank) rather than direct (though I had very ****ed off direct replies from two directors) and they started to promise by email from reasonably senior that it would be dealt with. However they have not kept up bargain so back to registrar as it is now 18th .
  4. I write to them monthly and email weekly. I never get a response and today had a phonecall to update on the four cases I have with them, and then they said they had lost half of paperwork bout two of them so could I send them again? I have also repeatedly written to my MP to complain about their delays.
  5. I know, though the interest rate was only 14.9% from October 2003. I rebuilt the statements with their figures and mine and it worked out all the way through so I am fairly confident of my figures, though they will not budge. However the calcs that were posted on the other older thread direct from M & S after they were FOSsed mean I should hold out.
  6. I re posted the spreadsheets as they did not seem to upload before.
  7. Just for general interest really I attach the three spreadsheets which use a combination of the their guess in the gaps and my statements. First sheeet is 1988 to Oct 2003, avergar int 20%. Next rolls this into credit card balance from Oct 2003 to close of account in January 2007, next 8% on that to date . [ATTACH]38980[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38981[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]38982[/ATTACH]
  8. Also Can I take their £2110 now and complain to FOS?
  9. I have done all those and have also just found the old thread I mentioned and read through it again. That redress came to about £6300 and the same spreadsheets come out for my ppi premiums plus theirs for the gaps (and to be fair I think they are being a little generous on the ppi in the gaps) is around £5200. They are really just trying it on I think to get me to settle as they will not send through the actual calculations just selected columns. I think I will just complain to FOS which is such a pain; I might claim illness or hardship to get it sorted quicker. The only ray of sunshine is the 8% I get on the money while they delay! Can we direct me to anywhere I can get more info and history on complaining to the ICO about the lack of doing a SAR properly? Many Thanks for your help. I direct everyone I ever mention ppi or hear them mention anything to this site - It gets them thinking every time.
  10. I have been banging away with M & S and they will not budge. However they have confirmed in the last correspondence that they give contractual interest, and 8% when it is in credit and also 8% statutory interest. However they state that the figure that they calculated up to 17th August 2012 is not changing and that's that. I will try and scan their figures and correspondence in letter this evening but I do recall a similar claim being made by someone called emmtay, and their profile was very much the same as mine. I have statements with gaps going back to 1991, yet they have estimated the gaps and state they have backdated this all this to 1988. I have put there figures into the calculation sheets and this comes out at around £5200, against their figure of £2113. The account was closed in January 2007 and the ppi stopped being added on my request in December 2005. In the threads started by emmtay etc there was discussion on the fact that in changed from charge card to credit card and in my case this was in October 2003. the only thing can see that makes a difference is the interest rate changed down to 14.9% from then as opposed to over 20% for most of the charge card life. Does the charge card/credit card mean there is a different way of calculating the redress? Also I have the stuff all ready to go to FOS, but as M & S have agreed that redress is due, does FOS adjudicate on the calculation only? I want them to pay up and could do with the money like everyone, but I cannot see why it should take FOS two years to tell run the calculation. Also I sent in a SAR and it the reply was only two pages, and does not details any of the contact I have had over the last 15 months. How do I go about stirring that up more. All the other SARs I have gt back have been very full and thorough, though on the whole useless. I did one to RBS in July and they sent back a letter today saying they cannot do it or reply until send them proof of ID. they were the only ones that did not comply f sorts within 40 days.
  11. It has got even better, for some reason they reviewed all the stuff I have sent them and have just sent a further £602. Signed and ran down the road grinning.
  12. After fobbing me off for 1 year Cap one have capitulated and admitted that they owe me it and they are paying pretty much to the penny that the various spreadsheets on here calculated. Their letter crossed in post with mine saying I had enough and want sar and my costs though but they have admitted in open correspondence they were wrong and that I could never have claimed on it under the terms of policy, and also my umpteen letters were ignored. The power of sar - made them look at it all again I suppose. Getting back only about £500 but only had card for 2 1/2 years. Paid full 8% from closure of account to date.
  13. After fobbing me off for 1 year Cap one have capitulated and admitted that they owe me it and they are paying pretty much to the penny that the various spreadsheets on here calculated. Their letter crossed in post with mine saying I had enough and want sar and my costs though but they have admitted in open correspondence they were wrong and that I could never have claimed on it under the terms of policy, and also my umpteen letters were ignored. The power of sar - made them look at it all again I suppose. Getting back only about £500 but only had card for 2 1/2 years. Paid full 8% from closure of account to date.
  14. what would be the position if they had paid out the £6500 and then wanted it back?
  15. Does this have any implications fro reclaiming ppi generally, or just in a specific narrow field, i.e. proving a further trail of liability?
  16. They have come up to £2113 which is starting to get near. Howver the funny thing is their first offer was ppi £502.70, contract int £367 and 8% 0.06. Next offer ppi 609.49, contract 543.23 8% 5.65 After much correspondence offer now is ppi £808, contract £383.34, 8% 921.90. The first offer was for only contract interest between Nov 03 to account close Jan 07 as their records did not go back that far. I sent them statements back to 1991, though their latest offer includes a spreadsheet that they have started in May 1988, and I do not know where they got that from. Their SAR response was pathetic so I have gone back to them telling them what it should include - it did not even include mention of current correspondence. Fun but not giving up yet.
  17. Payment received and this claim completed. Whilst looking out all old statements I found old loan document and this had ppi on it as well. They coughed up £1559 within 4 weeks of the complaint for that. the loan was taken out in November 1999 and paid off in Oct 2006. So total from HSBC £4,854
  18. I think you are being far too hasty. I had a mortgage with MHBS from January 1997 to July 2005. In July 1998 we received a letter:- "You can now take advantage of our new comprehensive Accident Sickness and Unemployment insurance cover to protect your mortgage payments - currently at the lowest available cost in the United Kingdom. At present you receive free unemployment cover and enjoy the additional accident & Insurance cover for £2.00 per £100 of monthly mortgage repayment. the Free unemployment cover will cease from September 1998. The good news is that we can offer you a new insurance which includes Accident Sickness and Unemployment cover for just £1.50 per £100 of monthly mortgage repayment. etc This will make your current repayment XXXX and the necessary adjustment will be made with effect from your august repayment. You need take no action. etc George Stark Assistant General Manager (Business Development)" We did not have it before August 1998 and it was just added to our payments. Therefore we have pointed this out to them and have started a claim. They will no doubt say we asked for it but there is nothing in our files or mortgage application that say we wanted it at the beginning and therefore I think they are stuffed. I can understand the hesitance if you still have a mortgage with them and like most are not exactly flush and do not want to rock the boat, but they get in more trouble if they mess you about after you have complained. They only sent you a standard kiss off letter. I have had thirty such letters over the ast year and chased everyone up and got somewhere - Ikano (Ikea card) started at 0.73p offer and are now heading for £1,000, and I get 8% from them guaranteed for their delays. Worse are M & S Money. Good job they do not run a brewery!
  19. I ahve today given up and accepted their latest offer of £3295 as they would not budge on giving me anything towards my costs, and even though I am getting 8% on my money (as opposed to 0.5% with my deposit with them) I needed cheering up. So lets see when the money turns up and then aniother success.
  20. In my dealings with Egg they sent back a SAR pile and in it it says they have paid £500 to FOS for their costs. So keep up the pressure and it is interesting to see they have to hand out money to FOS, but will not just pay out tot the wronged party without a fight. So challenge LLoyds, then FOS them. Inddividually so it costs them more.
  21. I would stick with it, as after my wife read about all this she queried her ppi on her Natwest cc and go sent back £1245, so we looked into everything we had ever done and have 13 outstanding reclaims going on - paper work a nightmare - but I have kept boxes of statements over the years. There is nothing like the satisfaction of sending a bank or credit card company a set of statements for donkeys years, completely blowing their argument out of the water. If you can use a computer, you can win; they cannot ignore the letters, and I have currently have a claim and statments for M & S going back to 1992; HSBC 1994; Egg 2000; Ikano (ikea card -the best first offer £1.16 - now up to £280). We are expecting up to £23,000 back all together. MBNA origninally snet us some last september and then out of the blue I got a letter in May saying they looked into it and believe their figures to be correct but do I have any further info? So I sent them 94 pages odd and they have just agreed to send a further £2041. Don't give up! Even if you can only send it second class!
  22. Not heard anything as yet so I am going on warpath again. As I have some tiem tomorrow I will do it recorded as this usually prompts a good quick reply.
  23. I have been in correspondence since August last year and they have come up form £600 to £805 and last offer £1244. Then I got a letter saying thank you for recent correspondence but they will not longer deal with my client until I provide evidence of of contracural relationship! and then another letter saying they will look into it in next eight weeks. I have sent them over 120 pages of statements that I have and the oldest is from June 1991, though ppi stopped in 2005. All I want is something near to the spreadsheet calculation and recognition of all the effect I put in. I uploaded their calculation on my own thread.
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