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  1. ive had a reply to my email, it says to ring them or go on their live chat, go on their live chat and theres nobody available...
  2. still had no reply to my 2 emails and nobody is available on their live chat. should i just speak to them on the phone or carry on refusing too?
  3. I have a loan with them for about 120 that was due on the 30/11 - 2 days ago. I also have 4 other loans, 2 of which i am on repayment plans for. In total i owe about 1500 to these companys and i currently earn about 120 a week so as you can imagine im finding it hard to pay them back. Anyway i told 247 moneybox the day before it was due that i wouldnt be able to pay it is there any chance we could make arrangememnts for a payment plan, to which i was told to leave it until it had gone into arrears and then phone up. Well i dont want to do it over the phone so i asked for an email adress, they
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