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  1. Latest installment.... My case has been passed to an alternative debt collection agency who "intend to collect this debt and pursue it to a legal conclusion if neccessary" They are also now are prepared to reduce the settlement figure fron £120.00 to £75.00. This is ludicrous!!! just one more letter to ignore I expect!
  2. Just got back mfrom holiday and I have received a "reduced payment offer" from these clowns! Even I'm finding this laughable now..... I'll be ignoring this letter too!
  3. Thank you for the pep talk Bazooka... I've watched the youtube clip too! I'm ignoring as a type!!! Mike.
  4. Thank you Michael, I'll continue to ignore them!! Mike.
  5. Oh and I should have mentioned that the latest demand is titled "NOTICE OF INTENDED LITIGATION" Mike.
  6. Hello again... The saga continues.. Today I received a second similar demand for payment from the debt recovery agents. They are still saying that their solicitor "may" issue county court proceedings against me and that they shall seek to recover :- The principle sum £150.00 court fee to issue £30.00 interest at the county court rate 8% court costs £50.00 solicitors costs on claim £22.00 solicitors costs on entry of judgement. Am I still right to just ignore these demands??? pep talk required I think.... Any advice gratefully received...Mike.
  7. Thanks for your help and advice everyone... I'll keep you up to date if I receive anythting else from them.. Mike.
  8. I'm appauled that this practice is allowed to go on! To my mind, its nothing short of extortion! These companies should be prevented from doing this. Grrrrrr
  9. Thank you Andy, You and HB have put my mind at rest. I will ignore everything they send. Thank you again.......Mike.
  10. Thanks HB... No it doesnt say Penalty Charge Notice, The only reference is to a "parking charge notice" I'll ignore the demand.. If I get anything else from them,I'll be straight back on here! lol
  11. Hi Honeybee13... The demand states that if they do not recieve full payment or I do not contact them with payment proposal, that the matter may be passed to their solictor to commence county court proceedings. I'm finding all this a real pain in the A Obvciously I dfont want to get myself into any bother! Any advice would be appreciated.... Thanks again... Mike.
  12. Hi Again .... This problem will not go away.. over the last few weeks i've received a couple of demands for payment for this PCN. I have ignored them but kept the letters. The other day however, I received a payment demand for £150.00 from a debt collection agency. They are threatening county court action if the bill is not paid within 7 days. Do I ignore this also??? Help....Please!
  13. Good to know one can find reliable advice on this forum.. Thanks again to all... Best wishes Mike.
  14. Thanks... I will keep everything. I still have the PCN as well. M.
  15. Thank you very much everyone!! I have started ignoring!!! LOL....
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