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  1. Go back to GP and tell s/he what is happening at work and they will provide a fit not saying that reduced hours and change of duties is required. Also he should submit a grievance regarding no adjustments being made for him. How large is the company and do they have an OHA that he be referred to. Best of Luck.
  2. Hi hope some can help with this one please, company owes employer backdated pay but used a holding account to pay the money into and not the account they pay their employees pay.
  3. Is this harassment or victimization, A2W equipment settings are been changed each morning and he has to reset them again, which he find distressing. Manager is concerned when other staff are not supported during the busiest times at work but does not mind him been left alone during this time. He has been followed to the loo by staff and shouted at to get back to desk. Deadline has passed for his agreement payment with acas and no money has paid to him, it is now a week late, he is concern now that if he chases that money now he will be more victimized/harass by manager and staff.
  4. Have you signed any of the notes and if you have then request a copy of them and let the employer know that you made your own notes as well. If you are put under pressure to sign the notes make sure you take your time and read them and if you disagree with was has been written than asked them to change it. Do this before you signed them. They have a habit in putting a slant on the notes they take and it is not in your interest. Hope it goes OK for you.
  5. Also, it will cost them more by way of legal fees, therefore it worth taking it as the the will be CMD or PH to determined whether you have a case or not, this will also cost the employer money to defend it. If it is a large employer they are also short of money due to recession. Employer good name, I was very surprise about the good name of my employer when a relative of mine was going through it with the employer the legal adviser knew exactly how the company operated so it was not a surprise for them as it was not the first time they have done this to their employees. Als
  6. Even if you have evidence of a disability it will be up to the tribunal to decide whether you are disability. A relative of mine was getting sever disability allowance, but the employer still did not recognize my relative as having a disability and would not make adjustments recommended by GP and A2W. It was up to the tribunal to say that my relative is indeed disabled in accordance to the Equality Act 2010. But every employer is different and your may not be so punitive. Your employer may office you a CA to go away if you put in a ET1.
  7. I totally agree with what you say, it has become a very sad world indeed. It is not like your son has touch them god forbid. Women can be very catty indeed and it was out of order to do this. I think your son was very kind in purchasing presents for the ungrateful colleague and you sons would certainly be far better off not been near them. Your son may not win, but it will make female colleagues think twice if they try something like this again, also the manager should be sent on a management course on how to manager staff.
  8. You do not have to answer anyone posts and my posts are not a wind up, I will be upset if you do not answer any more of my posts.
  9. I do appreciate all your advice, but again do not assume that I am a male I maybe a female. People do not want to be identified on open forums where employers maybe looking at as well....
  10. Hold on the chair soiling is not down to him other member of staff use his chair when he is not using it. But he has to take the wrap for it as due to his disability. His ‘extended toilet breaks’ are far less than other staff leaving the office to have a chit chat with colleagues and less than women with bad period days. Now he is basically being told not to speak to any of the staff in the office, which he can cope with as some of them are very nasty indeed. That is what they are using now to get rid of him as it is a new job he has been put in and he has been doing very well
  11. I am not working in the same office but am working in the same firm and know a lot of what goes on there. Yes, the companies do employ members of the same family i.e. brother, sisters, aunt and uncle as it is a very large employer. Some managers do not follow the companies own policy about making adjustments for disable employees and also demonstrate very little respect for employee they are managing. He would have lost thousands by in salary because the manager was not observing the company own policy let alone the law. He would also have lost lots of holiday entitlements as well if I
  12. Why do you assume that he short with people on the phone and not pulling his weight in the team, this is far from the through. He is a gentle person and very conscientious, he would never be short with people on the phone and nowhere have I said this. He is often left on his own to dealing with his own work and the work of 2 others that are either in another part of the building taking to other member of staff. His co-workers do not want to be in the same office as him so they just leave and do not say where they are going and he does not when they will be back and he is left to get o
  13. The manager called him into a meeting a couple of days ago and said that staff members have complaining about his performance and about him taking to staff while on the phone. The manager did not say what members of staff made the complaints only it was reported on a number of occasions. Can he ask who has made the complaints before he goes any further with another grievance to his employer. It was an informal meeting and he put forward a lot of things that needed to be address first and one of them was him going to the washroom and employees calling him out of there to cover for a lun
  14. My relative signed a COTS agreement for unpaid wages, acas standard clause said that the claimant agrees at the time of the agreement he is unaware of any other claims or proceedings that he has or may have against the respondent. Acas said that the clause only refers to the hear and now not to a winder time.
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