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  1. hi thanks for the help yes they are still adding interest, so basically I should just pay £5 a month and the only way they can come after me is if they go too court to go for a ccj
  2. And yes we told them straight away but only got a reply when we fell into arrears,
  3. It is just jacamo at the moment but l are threatening to send it to a debt recovery company, would you have a link to a template harassment letter please
  4. Hi last november i lost my job since then i have only been paying reduced payments on my jacamo more than i can actually afford...Now we have had a letter stating recovery action will be taken against us unless we pay £566 and then £145 per month until it is paid off.. we are in a right state as since Christmas we have been with hardly any money and have had too use a food bank which we stated too jacamo but the threats continue.. we have been looking into a debt relief order as we have two other debts which was actually happy to accept lower payments for 6 months when i hope i will be back o
  5. debt collectors have no powers no one will turn up at your door before it has gone to court and you have a ccj which if you did and did not pay then they could but that is miles off write to them telling them what you can pay not what they want only converse by letters never speak on the phone to them if they keep ringing make a complaint and if they have added charges get them back... keep smiling and don't let it worry you mine is £4000 with them they wanted £500 a month now after sending letters and making complaints that is down to £25 (:
  6. can anyone help please
  7. hi I haven't been on the forums for a while just over 18 months ago my dad became ill and I took on the role as his full time carer I carried on using studio in that time as I needed to buy xmas presents etc as I was only on carers allowance a couple of months back my farther passed away and at the time I was paying about £75 a month now since the end of November they have increased the repayments to 10% and my repayment has almost doubled I managed to pay the full £134 last month but as I am now of carers allowance and on job seekers I cant afford to pay the full amount this month which is du
  8. got a letter from them today ive got a £4000+ balance and ive already told them im on carers allowance the letter states i must pay £2500 by 5th april lol facking idiots
  9. god you was lucky ive tried dealing with very for over 14 months about reduced repayments and they will not budge and advice to the op do not ring them they will tie you up and get you to take out a plan which you cant afford pay what you can and just deal by post..
  10. how did you get on with those jokers in the end i am having trouble with very too they are asking for £208 a month and i am a full time carer for my dad and claiming carers alowance but they wont listen to me keep sending letters from ndr and charging me £36 each month in charges really starting to affect me now what with my dad being really poor not getting any sleep at all at the mo...
  11. thanks mate i will get that off in the morning
  12. hi dx would you have the address to send this too as i am getting letters from a ndr debt company do i send it to them or straight to very thanks for your help and time in advance
  13. dca can not come to your house and take items away only baliffs can do that that is after it has gone to court and you have missed payments so tell your aunt not to worry and tell very what you can afford not what they say u have to pay...
  14. hi i am having the same problem i was put on a temp payment plan a year ago when i lost my job £32 a month in that time my farther became very ill and i am now his full time carer i recieved a letter on xmas eve stating that my payment plan is now finished and i owe them £2500 in arrears if i was you i would just send a letter stating what you can afford each month dont send a income expenditure sheet they have no legal right to see that and if they say that is not enough send it again the worse that can happen is it goes to court you end up paying half of what you say you can pay now and all
  15. hi ive got the same problem with this company been on a reduced payment plan of £32 a month the last year while i was on jsa i have now become my dads full time carer and am only on carers allowence ive just recieved a letter from ndr stating that i have to pay £2000 in 7 days my sister has told me to go to the cab and do a debt self help plan and send it to them with a offer of payment remenber dca are like dogs with no teeth they cant do anything ...
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