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  1. i did ask if it would affect my warrenty if i had a repaired one and they said no. i think i'm going to give them till next saturday if i don't recieve a working tv by then,then i'll cancel and go elsewhere,even comet r doing them 50 quid cheaper now.
  2. thanks for all the advice,sorry about the caps don't know what happened there. mistie whats wrong with getting the tv repaired? i don't understand why hitachi haven't done a product recall from what i have read in tv forums it's a common problem.
  3. Bought A Hitachi 42in Plasma 2 Weeks Ago On Intrest Free Credit.tv Was Delivered But After Tv Warmed Up It Started To Make A High Pitched Buzzing Noise!phoned Up And Complained,they Sent Engineer Round He Said It Was No Good (no ****) Got Another Delivered And This Ones Worse.now They Have Said The Best They Can Do Is Order The Bits From Hitachi And Fix The 1st One I Had.but Now I Have Been Told On The Phone Today That Only One Of The Bits Needed Is In Stock At Hitachi,and The Don't Know When To Expect It In. I Have Been Told I Can Go In And Choose Another Make But I Want This One If I Wante
  4. morning everyone just a quick catch up. sent prelim letter on 28th of jan requesting £1102. got the usual investigating letter off our old mate colin l sent lba letter on 15 of feb and this was recieved the next day. on lates this week so i can wait for the postman all week,where is he ?he should be he by now !!!!!! the waiting is hard ! hope i get a reply/offer soon johnoo
  5. got all my statements and have been through them all highlighting the charges (£125 was my best charge for one month over my overdraft limit) have printed out my 1 st letter asking for my money back but just wondered if there was a template for the breakdown of charges that i need to send with it ????
  6. hello folks Got home today and had a response to my letter asking for statements. They said they were happy to give me statements for free and sent my cheque back.and that statements will be with me soon. hopefully it all goes this smoothly ! johnoo
  7. thanks martin i look forward to our trip together lol ! jon
  8. Thanks for the helping hand folks letter sent off first clas recorded this afternoon. thanks
  9. hi new to this, have read lots of people's stories and would love to get my money bank to ! think it is about £2000 plus intrest ! printed out my letter asking for 6 years of statements from the template. but unsure about a couple of things... 1. only has a space on letter for acc no , do i need my sort code on letter? 2. do i send letter to the hsbc i bank with or to the address given on this site 8 canada square london? please help if you can thanks jon
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