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  1. I recieved a letter re my overpayment to tax credits and they have amended my award and lowered my payments to take back the overpayment and have also charged me a penelty for not giving the correct information on my award notice the penelty is over £1000 and they want the money in 30 days the office is closed today that i need to speak to has anyone else had a penelty and been able to spread the payment over a few months just i have not got this kind of money to pay so quick help thanks.
  2. Thank you yeah think its not helped it being the holidays am just so worried i worry a lot about thing anyway this is sending me over the edge just need to know now thanks Ajtw xxxx
  3. I posted in November that my tax credits income was wrong on my claim and i recieved a letter to say the income they had to what i said was different so i rang straight away to clear things up and give the correct information, this was in November and i keep ringing for updates its with the penelties team and the girl dealing with it just keeps saying its with her mananger and that they are still dealing with it i told her on the phone i was worried and said that i had worried about all sorts and that i thought i was going to prison and she laughed and said no but i cant help worry should it t
  4. Yes that wage is my husbands not mine I had to give up work to look after my sick son so yes I do receive money to help look after him
  5. Ive got a number for the penelties team but with the strikes today they took my number and said they would call me back tomorrow. Did your letter mention the penelties etc too ? Will let you know onces i get some info back from them will you do the same thanks. x
  6. Thanks i hope so yeah its the 1st time am just so worried feel sick. x x x
  7. Hi i am married and living with my husband and 4 children, my husband works i dont but recieve carers allowence for my youngest child, i recieved a letter from the tax credits saying that the income they held for me was different to what they had looked into they had, i had said 21,500 and they had 27,500 was including a bonus which did not realise that had to be included stupid i know but thought it was just the amount he earned a year i thought you had to give so i rang them and gave the tax office the correct income from the p60 i also did not declare that my husband has a company car, so g
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