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  1. Thanks a lot for these responses. The company is Hive telecom. It turns out now that most of the £600+ charge is due to a massive out of bundle rate hike of 5p p/m to 45p p/m! According to the CS manager, this was also mentioned in that letter that we never received. She sent me a copy of the letter and the letter has that 'there may be some rate changes due to the bundle change and one should check on the website'. Great thing is that the rates on their website here: http://www.hivetelecom.com/HIVEUKRates.pdf bring up rates for 'customers with HIVE line rental'. Our line rental
  2. We are with a home phone call provider. We were on a plan for many years where we received 1500 minutes to international destinations. This past month we received an exorbitant bill for over £500. When we called the company they said that they had sent a letter to all suscribers that the plan was being cut to 1000 minutes. I told them that we hadn't received the notification, they offered to halve the bill. Obviously we aren't happy at all as we had no notification and this is very unfair. I called consumer advice and they advised to
  3. Tried to google, but cant find it. What is SAR? I am assuming not search and rescue
  4. Over the phone. I recall it was a 30 days notice.
  5. SO in theory is this correct even if I woulve been using this all along, or is this only applicable because I can show that I never used it? On the practical side, when I call o2, do I say/threaten that I am going to claim on the DD guarantee or is it the bank who cares about that?
  6. Thanks so much for giving your time. When would they have written to me? Do you mean when I started the contract? I dont have any records wether they wrote to me then. or do they have to prove that they did write?
  7. Thnaks for that. Should I first try and talk to company, or is that wasting time?
  8. Hi all. I have been abroad for 3 years. Before I left I recall cancelling my mobile phone line, however this was done over the phone and I dont have any documents to this effect. I have now returned and was shocked to see from my bank account that they didnt cancel the line and I have been paying every month for these 3 years - this has amounted to a huge sum. How do I go about this? I want to call them but assume they will claim that I cant have cancelled and it i my fault for not checking my bank statements. Are there any laws protecting from this type of thing? They must have seen
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