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  1. The only reason I made the comment was I know the majority of roads leading to that point are a red route and I know the bus uses that island to turn round and doing it by the handbook and not touching the paint on the island it is quite tight. If they have confirmed that it is there land then my points mean nothing at all but I am cautious of taking a companies word from an employee. Not trying to stir things up just playing devils advocate and learned from my mistakes before.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that's where buses turn to go to the bus stop as can be seen in the google map link, It's been a long time since I have had to go up to the one stop shopping center don't know if this bears any significance. This leads me to believe that the red route is official obviously a parking charge notice so I am not sure just throwing in my 2 cents
  3. What proof did he show that he was a bailiff? I am pretty sure you can dispute this amount with the bank as I'm quite sure anyone on the doorstep would distress you did they leave some form of receipt? That might be able to tell you who they was.
  4. The relevent sections as they like to keep quoting am going to read through the whole act when I have a little more time always cautious when threatened with sub sections rather than a copy of the act being placed with the letter for my information makes me think there is something in there that actually protects us
  5. Again thanks for the advice just another update today received a letter from Parking Eye dated the 19th September 2013 They never even acknowledged any of my questions they seem to love this Protection of Freedoms Act every letter I have mentions it at least two times I need to look more in to that as I had never heard of it before this. Before I tracked down my receipt I was reluctant to mention I was the driver at the time of the PCN being issued so started every bit of correspondence of with words to them effect I now plan to rewrite to them telling them I was the n
  6. Have sent an email to the CEO listed on CEO email see if they respond to me
  7. Quick update, I managed to find my receipt today for this shopping visit comes to a total of £25.58 and called up Rachael expecting for this to all be over only to be told that I would need to send my receipt to Parking eye to there P.O address or to her at her address apparently neither Parking Eye or Aldi have email addresses. When I told them I do not feel comfortable sending in my only proof of purchase she became quite abrupt I also asked her what respectable company would operate from a P.O address and would not talk to me on the phone her answer to this was "For obvious reason
  8. This might sound silly but just curious as to what would happen if this did go to court if as part of my defense I included a counter claim for my "Admin" Fee ie time spent researching any postage costs or call costs and the time it actually took filling in appeals and preparing the defense I know the probability is that this will never see a court room just curious to where I would stand with turning the tables back on them. I have stumbled across the Parking Prankster my favorite one is him being bitten by a radio active spider
  9. Tony P I read your facebook Posts if your indeed the same person I have admiration for your stance on this matter and that you are going out of your way to help other people I agree it should not be dropped Parking Eye seem to be bullies there letter is full of intimidating comments for a fraction of a second when I first opened the letter I was panicking if this has that affect on me I hate to think what effect it would have on an OAP or a vulnerable person. I really do hope it goes to court as really it is pathetic that they would try to charge me for not inputting my registration and I
  10. Thank you for your replies I most defiantly wish to go down the POPLA route as I feel this "Invoice" is unjust have been looking through old threads and am starting to understand a little more what I need to do. I would rather have to pay them £5000 at a judges order than pay them £40 reduced rate £70 full rate or the cancellation rate of £60 The first thing I did was take to facebook Which got what seems to be a generic response I then followed that up with I have spoke to Aldi about it who seem to be right behind Parking Eye on this if I can prov
  11. Hi, I have been an avid reader here for many years the amount of things you have helped me sort out is unbelievable and thank you for that I regret that my first ever post here is one asking for advice but here we go. I today got a PCN through the post from Parking Eye from my recent and only visit to them on the 6th September times were hard and after seeing the advertisement on the telly boasting how cheap they was we took what little money we had at the time to stock up the cupboards as much as possible I parked my car in a designated bay unloaded my two sons and went and did my s
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