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  1. I am also one of the (Edit) who applied for a loan on-line. The next day WDF contacted me by phone to say I was guaranteed a loan and the fee was 69.00. I already had loan offered from another company but it needed a guarantor. Parents too old, brother does not own his home and partner does not earn enough. How do you ask a work colleague how much they earn, have they got a mortgage, have they got a good credit history??. On speaking to WDF told them I would only pay 69.00 if they guaranteed the loan and that it would not need a guarantor. They catergorically told me it was and no gaurantor would be needed. On sending back the signed form I even enclosed a letter saying if this was not the case then not to take any fee. The 69.00 was taken from my bank account. Within a couple of days I too received a letter from Ralph Marlon requesting wage slips and utility bills. I actually thought it was ok and they weren't a con after all. How wrong I was. I received a text from Ralph Marlon saying my loan was ready and I just needed a guarantor. I knew then I had been basically defrauded out of my 69.00. WDF knew all along what was going to happen. Ralph Marlon then sent me an application form with an offer of a loan from TFS LOANS LTD. I wanted a loan for 1500.00 but on the letter this was the information sent: Example: borrow 3500.00 pay 60 monthly repayments of 164.82. Credit 3995.00 including lender fee of 995.00 (that would be over 1000.00 paid before I even got the loan). Total amount payable 9958.20. Surely this cannot be legal can it?. Certainly not ethical. I have since written to both WDF and Ralph Marlon. Heard nothing from WDF....shock...and received a text from Ralph Marlon telling me my loan was ready to be paid have I found a guarantor yet. Not sure if anything can be done, is it worth going to a Financial Ombudsman or any other establishment that governs these people? I would say if you have a good credit history then you would go to a bank or a reputable company, if not, like me, then if you can get a guarantor and you have no qualms about asking someone then go direct to them. In my opinion WDF take the money pass you on and wash their hands of you and crack open a bottle of bubbly to toast their success of another idiot and answered the phone to them. And no I don't work for another loan company I'm an honest hard working bloke who's been had!!
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