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  1. Hello and apologies if this is in the wrong forum or has already been posted. I had a credit agreement with Black Horse for a car I bought which had a large residual ballot payment at the end of the term (£11400). Through no ones fault but my own I missed the final payment. I had meant to trade the vehicle against another car, settle the original loan and start another agreement. I had some conversations with Black Horse but after 21 days (I think) they passed the debt onto Credit Style - a company I had never heard of. Credit Style contacted me with all sorts of friendly advice about settling the account and referred to themselves as a company that Black Horse use to work on behalf of the borrower to work out an amicable solution. So far so good. I explained that I missed the deadline and would trade in the car and thus settle the outstanding balance. I was asked by Credit Style to direct the selling garage to go through them. Which I didn't question at the time. I approached a garage, found a vehicle agreed to trade the current car against the new vehicle and clear off the balance. The settlement figure from the new garage was confirmed at £11400. Credit Style then contacted me by text to say that the balance was now £11919 which included their fees. This was news to me. I disputed this with them as I didn't have any agreement with them, nor did I have any visibility of their fees etc. Black Horse will not discuss this with me, nor even the relationship between them and Credit Style. After raising a complaint with Black Horse, and mentioning bodies such as the OFT to Credit Style I have now been offered a deal where they will go back to Black Horse and agree to settle the loan at £10,000 which will include all their fees. Am I right in assuming that they have bought the debt from Black Horse and were looking to screw not only Black Horse but also me before, as it now seems miraculous that if I provide them with a cash sum almost £2000 less than they were originally asking for I am off the hook. BTW I am prepared to pay the original settlement value to Black Horse of £11400 but they won't deal with me now. It seems strange that as soon as the OFT etc are mentioned Credit Style have a change of heart. Any advice on how to proceed will be gratefully received. Mark ps. It's also with noting all the calls with Credit Safe & Black Horse from my office are recorded so there is a full audit trail available should it come to that.
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