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  1. You will only pay an excess if your claiming from your own Insurer. This is common practice. If you contacted the drivers insurer then they would settle the claim without your Insurer needing to do anything. The excess is because you are claiming off your policy.
  2. Most Companies send out letters for missed payments allowing you 10 days before they re-present the payment. If that doesnt go through then you have to pay by another method. NU would have sent letters as these are automated, so unless you have post problems or have not updated address information - then the letter should have arrived (onus on customer to ensure all informaiton is correct) At the end of the day, when you agree to a contract whether its finance or Insurance, you should be made aware of payment methods. Cheque is rarely accepted by major organisations due to the risk of pay
  3. Most Insurers need proof of no claims (ncb) from the previous company - if a claim is still going through then this can effect your proof of ncb until the claim is resolved. Anyway, Whether they deny the letter or not (refund), if you have it then that is proof enough, same as the one recived re: cancelling on 20th. They have given proof of this to you and must honour it. Make copies of both, and send with your complaint to the relevant complaints address. I dont think there is a Data Protection Act issue, more a keying error on AA's part which they should own up to. If anything
  4. Robert, glad your brother got his money back but reading it sounds like his policy started in December? Did you quote recently on his details? - if so then the rates would be different. Most insurers change rates weekly or monthly depending on market changes and claims experiences (for the company) and some will not refund a premium if you find it cheaper 5 months down the line as you accept it in good faith at the time and would have had opportunity to search round prior to renewal. On a lighter note - well done!:grin:
  5. Interesting, NU are now adding RAC Direct to the outsourced list which will go live in June/July. Wish this big wig would hurry up and stop it happening! hehe.
  6. Online Insurance is the worst for hiding charges, but most online brokers have to make money somewhere - its the charges that do this. They all display them as its required under FSA reg's, however you will find it normally hidden under the "Terms & Conditions" which they usually require you to read and tick a box confirming this. Best way is to click the links, and print it out. Then at least you have a copy to read all the information. Its there to be read. I wont make out to be a martyr but how many people click online without reading? (I've done it!) If theres a box to click co
  7. I work in Insurance, and not trying to put anyone off but when checking around always check the excess levels. I was informed by an advisor that NU Direct recently cancelled any link with InsureSupermarket motor quotes because they were obtaining quotes with 2 excess levels but under same quote reference. Its also worth checking what any 'scrape' site includes. Many don't include courtesy car, protected no claims, or legal cover. These 'scrape' sites (confused.com & insuresupermarket) obtain your info then just get basic prices for you but with varying excess. (Normally you find the
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