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  1. Working in Insurance myself, Under FSA regs, Insurers have to send out a renewal notice 21 days before the due date. If you didnt receive this, then check to ensure your address is correct with the Insurer. A simple house number error can mean you not getting the post, especially if its a temporary postman. A lot of Companies will include an auto renewal clause on policies especially if you pay by direct debit, in which case you need to contact the Insurer to cancel, or amend the policy, otherwise (they claim) it makes it easier for you. With regards to you not receiving the renewal
  2. Not sure on all of your problem, however Life Insurance is no different to Car/Home Insurance etc - it is the policyholders responsibility to check all details are correct when you receive the documents. If any details are incorrect then you need to notify the insurer asap. They may be within their rights and i'm sure some Companies may even refuse to pay out for incorrect information but I would take it up with them first to see how you go. At least they are offering a pay out. Hope your father in law gets good care.
  3. ok many thanks to all, was worth a try! lol maybe I could slip a order in the post with the catalogue and hope they may honour it!
  4. I received a mail order catalogue for an item advertised at £12.95 + p&p. On deciding to order the item online for convenience, it was advertised at £21.99+p&p. I contacted the Company who said " The printers of the catalogue have miss printed the price of the calendar, the price all outlets are selling it at is £21.99, so we have to adhere to this" Now I am not a knowledge expert but can they do this? I was under the impression that mail order prices have to be honoured similair to shops and if they are aware of a pricing error they had to remove all sales of that item u
  5. Most Insurers will honour no claims bonus of the policyholder only. It is rare for anyone other than the policyholder to use their NCB. Regarding the ownership, as long as you and your wife are on the policy there should be no question on whether you own the Van or her. They only ask this because in the event of a write off its the registered owner who gets the payout. Common law and married couples are ok with most insurers as long as both named on the policy.
  6. Thanks Chief, the ol' man has already sent a letter (didnt get chance to add a few extras) but theyve (parents) been in touch with other travellers and one worked in Fleet St who has compiled a heavy letter for all of them too. fingers crossed.
  7. Hi, I would be grateful on what steps to take in relation to a complaint against the above Company. The low down is that my parents who are partially disabled, booked a luxury coack trip to Italy which included paying extra for the priviledge of having a luxury airline style 36 seater coach as opposed to the standard 48. When arriving at Dover it was not until they had boarded (what they thought was a feeder coach) that the driver told them this was their coach for the 10 day trip. It was a 48 seater. The driver told them that the coach company used had gone bust and Consort do not own co
  8. I had an experience in Asda, whereby the vacuum packed cheese I bought had a sell by date of 2 months ahead. The packaging had a hole in it somewhere causing the cheese to go mouldy. Of course by now I no longer had a reciept but the Customer Service desk in store willingly refunded the money and I got a new one free as well. No relevance but thought i'd share it with you all ;-)
  9. As with most insurers, they offer a discount online. Hence the internet will show discounted rates because a member of staff has not intervened - you done the quote yourself. This is how they pass the savings onto you. I agree it is bad but most companies need the custom in this cut throat market so will match online premiums for existing customers as long as cover is like for like as what you already have on your policy.
  10. In the case of a third party having access, most major Insurers only cover theft whereby forcible entry was present. To find a policy that covers walk in theft is usually from a broker and this is out of my scope sorry but £200 premium seems a lot for such small cover. Sounds like you should shop around or try someone like Endsliegh - they often cover shared houses etc.
  11. To my knowledge, whether the contract was online or not, I was under the impression that any personal data and information relating to a credit agreement has to be signed and hard copies kept in place so the excuse that they only use emails due to it being an online account is codswallop. If I am correct in that then they dont really have a leg to stand on as you notified them in writing and they had all valid address details to contact you by post which as you say, they didnt. hope this helps?
  12. I can see your point but when you read the following, you would not be aware of anyting wrong. The only “communication group” have established offices in America as well as the UK and have recently taken on new office space on The Vision Park in Histon. Recent new business contracts have seen the company increase it’s workforce. And, since moving to Histon they have been busy recruiting additional staff to deal with the anticipated response from this latest promotion. The group’s turnover has increased by an average of 50% per annum between 2000 and 2005, with the past 12 months show
  13. When works change salaries, do you have to be given this in writing? if so how much notice? I work for a major national company, and following a pay structure change all roles within our centre were to be on a similair pay scale and the monthly sales related bonus was to be replaced with an Annual bonus based on your yearly performance. For those that obtained bonus for 6 months or more in the previous year, they would get a transitionary payment of 50% Sept, 25% Nov and 25% in March 2007 based on average of bonus in that previous year. My department did not get a monthly bonus based
  14. Hi all, looking for some assistance please. The OH entered a competition on Vibe Fm (east of England radio) and won a mobile phone and years contract with T-Mobile through Only Communications (who sponsored the breakfast show). The conditions of the prize were that once set up, you pay T-Mobile £35 a month (the fee), and Only Communications pay the same amount into your bank account each month. If you go over the allowance then you have to pay the extras. Now, 3 payments later, Only Communications are not keeping to their end of the deal. There has been no payments from them at al
  15. If you claimed on your policy then yes you pay the excess to start with as you have instructed your Insurer to repair the car, they would then claim costs back from the other driver if he was at fault. If you claimed off his insurer first then More than wouldn't be involved and the lorry Insurer would pick up all bills.
  16. how do i do that and where do i find them? thanks v much
  17. I'm an employee at NU (well I hope to still be!) and can I use this site for putting a message across to members? The way we (staff) have been treated is disgusting and the public only see what the press office tell them. Its about time the public knew the full story.
  18. I ordered a carpet from Carpet Right, around £100, by the time they added fitting and underlay this rose to over £250. I chose to get my underlay from any ebay carpet shop which was a lot cheaper than CR and found that the fitter refused to use it because it 'was not one he used before' so I ended up paying an extra £30 for underlay he had on his Van and now have this roll of better quality underlay surplus!. I contacted the Ebay shop I used and they said there was nothing wrong with it and the fitter should not have refused. Anyone else had these type of probs with shops basicall
  19. If your OH was on maximum scale with his insurer then they would give him proof of no claims anyway. Its only if your less than maximum that they wont give it because a full term hasnt been completed. Regarding changing your insurance, its unlikely you will get a refund as its over 8 months (usual practice with most companies) however you also may be liable for any cancellation fees as stated in your Policy t&c's for ending the contract early. What you have to remember is that when you took your policy you had the chance to shop around at that time to find a cheaper deal, now 10 mon
  20. To my knowledge any Insurance product has to be from a Company that is authorised and regulated by the Vinancial Services Authority (FSA). Most Travel companies now use Insurers instead of their own cheap cover, eg Thomson use AXA, Post Office use NU etc.... The product has to be to your demands & needs (what you want). It should tell you this in the 'about us' section of the policy, or usually found in the policy booklet.
  21. Theres your proof. All Major Insurers record phone calls, so all you have to request is that they do a tape pull of the call when you spoke to the advisor (traceable from the original quote call). You can request a copy of the tape if needed under SAR. If the advisor stated it, then they should stand by it once you sent them the relevant copies. If they say the call was not 'taped' then in many cases they will stand by the Customers word for goodwill and to avoid badface. On a footnote, most insurers will refuse to accept a part year no claims bonus. This is underwriting criteria, so t
  22. Totally agree with you here! Recent press has announced NU Directs plans to shut the Liverpool contact centre with the loss of 321 jobs in October. UK staff are friendly, helpful and understand your needs. (tho fed up with dealing with mistakes from offshore centres) Where are these jobs going? - offshore and to Bishopbriggs, so at least some are staying in the UK but it doesnt help that offshore NU centres are now taking RAC Direct calls too. I found that if you want a UK operator, try the NU Internet phone number - this will connect to Norwich, Scotland and Sheffield. If only a
  23. If you are changing arrival airport then yes I can understand the fee for the flight, but if you are still on the same flight there should be no charge for amending this as technically they are only removing 1 traveller which means an extra seat for the flight operator to sell (hardly rocket science!) I would check this, if same flight then argue the flight charge.
  24. To save on admin costs some Insurers will include an 'automatic renewal' notice in policy documents. This means that at renewal you must contact the Insurer if you wish to cancel or lapse the policy, however this is mainly for direct debit policies - not annual card payments. In your case, Diamond should have been able to provide a renewal 30 days before its due, on request from you. I would say the £80 charge includes cancellation fee and a charge for time on risk from the renewal date to when they cancelled for non payment - argue it after checking all policy docs.
  25. Most Insurance companies will usually do insurance for a private individual as long as the contract hire is for minimum of 12 months and in the policyholders name.
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