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  1. RAC Insurance is serviced by BISL Ltd (part of Budget). Basically the RAC brand is still part of AVIVA but RAC no longer underwrite their own policies. RAC provide the policy but this is underwritten by 1 of 17 insurers such as Zenith, Zurich, AXA, AVIVA, Provident, Coop etc and so on. When a policy is taken out you are made aware of charges to your policy such as £20 admin fee, to short term rates if cancelling mid term and these are stated in your policy documents. For most people who take out insurance year on year claim free or only changing details once a year then this is not a problem. However if you change cars or other risks several times a year then it can work out costly. What RAC are doing is nothing new. Most brokers do the same thing and in comparison RAC actually offer one of the lowest admin fees for changes. (AA are £25)
  2. My better half has been getting calls on his homephone at theirs for an 'ex' relating to debt from a company called Money Managers. We have on several times tried requesting a UK contact number and to speak to a senior manager and also informing them that the said person does not live here, never has and is in no way connected to the owner of the land line but each time it falls on deaf ears and they call a few days later. We have tried searching on google, and informing BT & the Police but they say that as it is an international call (00000000 on phone display) there is nothng they can do and the TPA (telephone preference agency) also cannot stop the calls. We have no idea who the debt is with, and why they are calling here when the landline has never been in the other persons name. Can someone please help or have any contact details for this company so we can put an end to calls at unearthly hours, lack of sleep and basic frustration that they do not listen to a thing we are telling them ??? AAARGGHHHHH!!
  3. When an at fault claim happens (thats where there is no one to claim damages off or is the policyholders fault) the Insurer has the right to charge the full years premium as you purchase the policy in good faith for the year and they would have provided cover for the policy term. Usually in situations like this, the insurer can keep the policy running to enable the policyholder (in this case your son) to buy a new car and transfer cover to it under the same policy. The amount he received is proportionate to the current state of the car pre-accident and would take into account mileage and general condition of the car as well as in comparison to the current cost to replace like for like. Most people reject the initial offer of payment as the insurer will always try to pay less in the 1st instance. It could be that the £300 odd is the excess he had to pay although most insurers deduct this from the payout amount. Hope this explains things but please don't hesitate to add more if you need more help:)
  4. If you had cancelled by phone then they would have stopped the direct debits automatically to avoid further debits coming out. You would have incurred a cancellation fee of £30.45 and a charge for time on risk upto the cancellation date anyway. This is all stated in your policy documentation. The renewal would also have been sent to you 3 weeks before the due date, and it only renews automatically when paying by direct debit.
  5. Out of interest, you mentioned in your first post that your renewal was due, and you told your insurer that you wont be accepting the renewal due to the cost.....in which case, Who is insuring the hire car?? This is normally covered under your own policy whilst yours is being repaired. Also, did you have legal services on your policy ? (thats the part that kicks butt when the insurers takes times to settle or dispute claims)
  6. Under the standard NUDirect policy, laptops are not covered for Accidental Damage.The policy book (available online at http://www.norwichunion.com/library/pdfs/home-insurance-policy-wording.pdf) states under Part C, We will not cover: • electrical or mechanical breakdowns; • computers or computer equipment designed to be portable; • radio transmitters and mobile phones; If you have paid an Extra premium to have FULL accidental damage then yes you are covered. If this was on previous years, then this would remain at each subsequent renewal unless instructed by you. They cannot remove it without your authorisation. What has happened in the past 10 years is irrelevant (these days most Companies dont recognise long term custom like they used to) as this policy only applies from 2005 when you took it out for your new house. Obviously you would have recieved documents at policy inception which you are responsible for reading and checking the information, and I presume you did? Remeber with over 1 million customers, the onus is always with the policyholder to check all details are correct as incorrect information can and may invalidate your policy or possible future claims. Hope this helps.
  7. Why are they chasing the Hire Companies? Does your father have legal services on his policy ? - that department will do chasing for him.
  8. Barclays motor insurance is underwritten by Norwich Union (the address you mention in Perth is the centre that deals with it) and when you call them the recorded message says similair. All you need to do is tell the advisor you dont want marketing information etc. Its basically a way for them to give you information of other products that may be of interest to you from Aviva or Barclays. With all the kerfuffle of unsolicited mail/marketing calls these days, Companies give you the option of opting in or out of such mailings. The tick box isnt included as they are a direct centre, so you dont have forms to fill out and return to them. (unless you complete insurance online).
  9. As you say "You" consider this to be an essential part. There are plenty out there that dont. Same as legal expenses, personal accident and protected no claims. Its down to personal preference. You would be surprised at how many dont take the add ons, then find they wish they had in the event of a claim. NU Direct and NU operate 'similair' policies but not the same. The whole point of direct is that you choose the cover you want and in most cases, going direct can still save you money than going via a broker who will add theyre percentage. Many people dont realise that if they use a broker, the policy may be underwritten by one company, the legal by another, the courtesy car provided for a limited time and so on. Using a direct provider, 9 times out of 10 these are dealt with 'in-house' by that company - thus saving you ££
  10. Not at all. They tailor the quote to what you want. Yes the extras are available, but if you dont want them why have them ?
  11. Its not all offshore centres that are the problem, its the language and terminology barrier. (a bit like in England we say Jay but some Scots say Jye for the letter 'J' ) Working for NU, I also resented our jobs going offshore but you find that majority of the advisors out there are as good, and on odd occasions better than the staff in the uk. Lets face it there will always be staff who have habits of putting you on hold, cutting you off, talking to their colleagues and mis-informing you. Its commonplace in any Company - its staff monotony but should be down to the managers to clear it up, who alas will probably take a backseat as long as their team is hitting targets. Like Ginge, i've applied for an offshore trainer role, as its not so much the product knowledge but more on customs and culture that needs to be improved so they understand things like 'immersion heaters' and the like. Remember offshore lifestyles vary greatly from ours. With regards to Buzby, NU also has a modern contact centre in Norwich itself, yes this is sales but it also deals with RAC direct calls (sales & Cust' service). What you probably didnt realise is that M & S, Asda & Barclays also operate from the Glasgow centre for sales, & Customer Advice all underwritten by NU. The whole point of being a "DIRECT" company is that you dont have walk in centres or shops. They are direct over the phone or web and by doing this they limit the amount of overheads which are passed to the customer. Yes there are drawbacks like not having a cover note immediately - but if you want one it can be arranged next day delivery using Royal Mail. If thats not good enough then a local broker will help you find cover, but then you may find a higher premium or less cover just to have this service from that broker.
  12. I think this is all getting a bit out of proportion from the original persons quote. What has or may have happened in the past with Insurers may not always be the case of what is available now. Times change and so does policy coverages and clauses. ('eck thats why at renewal they send out that bit of information that most people think is useless - its actually listing any changes to your policy coverage) Working for NU i'm aware of most limitations for the policies NU underwrite, mainly NU, NU Direct, RAC Direct, Asda, Ford, and a few of the partnerships such as M & S/Barclays etc. (yes NU will cover a hire car eg:test drive weekend for a small charge) Regarding covering you on a vehicle owned by someone else, look on the NU or RAC websites who offer Short term/pay by day insurance. Others may offer this too. Tannaku - good luck and let us know how you get on. Remember that this is a forum for advice and what you read may or may not be the case in your own personal situation. Best of Luck.
  13. I'm afraid Darkangels and Lindylou are correct (at least with most insurers.) NU, RAC Direct, and majority of Companies underwritten by NU do offer suspension of a policy until renewal when there is no risk to insure. Where you mention a vehicle being kept in a garage then this is known as 'laid up' cover and the insurer would reduce cover from Comprehensive to 3rd party fire/theft as long as the vehicle is unused on the public highway. (not applicable to fire & theft policies) In both cases, premiums still need to be paid monthly and then a refund is made when you re-instate cover on a new vehicle or at policy end. This would then take into account the claim if you have not re-instated cover on a replacement vehicle.
  14. The cancellation fee is outlined clearly in all documentation which is sent to you prior to your renewal. These are part of the terms and conditions which you should agree with prior to renewal, as you renewed then you confirmed agreement. You more than likely would also have had a charge for time on risk upto the cancellation date. If you are likely to replace the vehicle before the policy would have run out then NU can suspend cover and transfer it to the new vehicle when required. You would still have to pay the policy as usual but would get a refund for the time on suspension once you re-instated cover.
  15. Remember that the E111 will not cover Hotel costs or bringing you back home if you have been kept in hospital etc. Its only emergency costs and not associated costs.
  16. Probably yes, the policy is over 8 months old so although its pro rata refund. Its the same with most insurers. Why did he take a new policy when he was already covered?
  17. Just to let you know, the parents got back the difference they paid for an upgraded coach (bout £70 each) and the Company have admitted errors on the brochure regarding the whole trip. (They sent a rep to the resort in the height of the season and were unaware of the abismal standards during the off season months.) The company is now making offers of payment to all those involved so the folks are happy now.
  18. Red, As you work for NU then i'm sure you are aware that when a SAR is made nothing can be changed. Advisors are told not to put anything in notes that could be offiensive as a customer can request to see all comms on them (SAR). This includes every page of notes, all calls relating to them and any letters sent by the Company. Compliance deal with these requests regularly, and you should be aware if you work in the distributon side as its part of your training under 'compliance'. If you need more information see the pulse. (a fellow NU worker)
  19. Home Insurance very rarely covers motor claims. Home insurance usually has family legal for the homeowners, as Motor claims are a totally different kettle of fish, they dont touch them. plus Home Insurance with or without legal is not compulsory - car insurance is. Let us know how you get on though.
  20. In the outcome of most shunt claims, it is usually the driver who shunts is deemed to be at fault as Insurers look at it that you were driving too close to the car in front and not paying attention to the road and traffic conditions in front. As you claimed off your own Insurer (direct line) then they dont have to offer you a hire car if one was not listed on your policy schedule (I work in Insurance sales and so many ppl say they wont need one then end up in a similair situation to yourself) Regarding the £300 for existing damage, you can contest this but unless your a bodywork repairer then how would youknow what was a fair estimate for any existing damage? Its like asking an electrician to wire in a socket saying it will only take 10 mins.Unless you know the trade then how do you know it will take 10 mins? . If you want to pursue the 3rd party (NU) then thats what your legal services should provide assistance for. (Again, listed on your schedule if you opted for it). Sounds like Direct Line may not budge but its worth a shot. If not then try the SCC
  21. Fatboy, There is a slight consolation (only slight) in that the driver can and should also be fined for driving with no Insurance through her own fault and knowingly. This could be anything from 3 points to a fine/ban depending on the local police authority and if she has any previous convictions.
  22. Its a shock to say but how many people know Insurance inside & out? It's like saying to an electrician "can you wire in this light, it will only take you 10 minutes" - if your not an electrician how do you know it would only take 10 minutes? Insurance is a trade which has many in's & outs which the public would not know all of them. Regarding Driving Other Cars (DOC), Norwich Union made the press in 2005 that they would be removing this cover in the future. They havent yet but did restrict it to Comprehensive policies for over 25 yrs only. This is because many people were using the DOC for driving other cars regularly, having accidents and making claims in them for what is mainly a car of higher performance than they are insured for. In all cases of driving another persons car, it is always best to be named on that persons insurance. The DOC was always provided for emergency situations only, hence it is 3rd party cover only.
  23. It was illegal, but under the FSA and Motor Insurance Database (MiD) its the policyholders responsibility to make sure they are not dual insured. Otherwise how would your old insurer know you have gone to a new insurance company? They can't request information from the MiD, only send it to them. If you are and you have a claim both insurers can be liable for the claim 50/50 if your at fault as they both have been providing cover. The MiD came into force in January 2003. Hope it helps.
  24. How does a speeding offence matter? we're you doing 40 mph in your Brick & Tile semi detached house in a 30 limit? You dont have to declare motoring offences on Home Insurance. She aint doing her job right if she continued questioning you on it. To my knowledge home insurance basic questions are "Have you ever had any criminal convictions excluding motoring", and sometimes, "ever been bankrupt" They should back down and process your claim, if not remember that More th>n are an online insurer and it doesnt ask for motoring convictions online for Home Insurance.
  25. go for it. It may be worth doing a quote online if you havent already and give them that quote number first to see if they will match the price on the existing policy. If you already have got a quote use that. Most will help to retain the business.
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