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  1. egads really? Its in an email format as I soley communicate with them by email? Although they have closed it, it doesnt mean they havent sold it on ? Theyre a company I do not trust at all. It took them 4.5 months to simply get a human to answer an email despite me contacting them very regularly I will double check and let you know if it does indeed mean its gone. Thanks for the response
  2. I wasnt sure if they meant it. So I have responded asking them to clarify so that Im sure as to what they are stating is how I read it
  3. Hi I have been in email correspondence with Lowell for 4.5 months trying to resolve one debt and querying 2 others to JD Williams that I dont recall ever having. Im happy to pay the one I acknowledge and made it clear to them I wouldnt pay it till I had the two others proof provided what they were and why I owe them. They sent me basically 2 copis of reconsitutated agreements for the two debts I do not have any knowledge of. After much to and fro i received a lenghty email today which stated the two following extracts which leave me slightly confused. Your input would be appreciated.
  4. yes... Also I notice they put onour time sheets after we have signed them off, annual leave entitlement and choose randomly a day "taken". These then go into payroll. I only found this by accident. Oour payslips say nothing of receiving annual leave entitlement. Its probably correct, but given what Ive read Im wondering why its ok for local govt to do that but other business its not?
  5. I work for a local govt employee who does just that, Rolls the annual leave onto the hourly rate. My hourly rate is £6.54 and I am now told after 4 years of employment that my actual hourly rate is £6.00. The remainder of .54 is my annual leave entitlement. I queried this with them as this equeates to 9% and not the guideline of 12.07% for the 5.6 weeks. Their answer was the following :- As I'm sure you are aware, the ACAS guidance is just that and not "Regulation", and they have, for simplicity sake, assumed a fairly standard working pattern (i.e. 5 day week) and a 5.6 day week which wo
  6. Yes have received letters which I have not responded to at all because of other problems more important
  7. I last dealt with my Capital One debt in early 2004 upon my marriage breaking down and havent been in a position since to actually tackle it since. I still am not in a position to do so.
  8. I received a Statutory Demand Under Section 268 (1) for a Capital One card on which I now owe £1,200, quite a portion being interest and charges applied. I have taken not of the advice on the threads and sent a letter today recorded delivery stating I do not acknowledge the debt or its clients and requesting a copy of the original agreement. As its sent today, are the 12 days with effect todays date or when they receive the letter? Do I do anything else at this stage or just wait? Do I still need to get this "set aside" my concern is there is no court information on the letter or form
  9. so really Im ok as i work for 2 seperate employers and CHOOSE to work the extra hours.I dont go over 48 ours for either job. In fact 19 hours on one and 40 on the other Thanks for your replies
  10. Hi I have a full time job with one council and because of financial reasons I need to work a part time job which is with another employer. My full time job and my part time job managers are both aware I work for the other. Is there any problem with my doing this? I work 37 hour a week for one job and another 19 hours for the other. I understand there is a working hours directive, but surely this would not be an issue if it is my choice to work because of necessity???
  11. Thank you all so much for your inpput. Latest news is....I emailed the actual landlady as opposed to the estate agents and she has said to me the following Hi Liz, Thanks for email. I totally understand where you are coming from and its no problem. The new agreement should be no problem and no expense to yourself. Countrywide are just trying to make some more money with the vetting as such. I am very happy with you keeping the flat on your own and do not wish a further consultation with yourself. All I would need to keep is the deposit of £825.00 and whichever way best this is do
  12. I have tried to do that but she has already written to the estate agents Countrwide and advised she intends to vacate. They have said ot her they need a letter from both of us and then i have to go through this process. Which to me is totally absurd given I have lived there longer than my flatmate! She only joined me 2 years ago. Prior to that I had another flatmate. The difference this time is i can now afford to rent alone
  13. My flatmate is moving out in January, 6 months before our tenancy ends. I personally have rented with them for 4 years Im happy to continue to live in the flat on my own and would prefer it. However I have been told that I will need to do a new credit referencing check £200 AND again pay the admin fee of £58 in order for me to take on the tenancy. Now my concern is, its not me who is breaking the contract, it is my flatmate. Do I really have to pay out all this money? Bearing in mind on top of that I will need to pay her share of the bond as well which is another £425. Help.
  14. Hi I have been in my flat for 3 years, a private rent through Countrywide real estate agents. The last resigning of my tenancy I had to pay £58 for the privilge of the new tenancy documents being drawn up , and it seems again this year. Is this usual?
  15. Help me ...where will i refer to so i can take it to my boss and say "look you are soo wrong"!!! I have said to her we cannot do this, but keep repeatedly being told i dont knw what im talking about. This I might had is not the only account where this is happening.
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