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  1. I've received a cheque from CS for the loan PPI - £2,238.72. Banked and will give a CAG donation once it clears. Thanks guys. Also received a reply to the Credit Card PPI that I had queried. 8 weeks since my letter and they have written that due to the high volume of complaints it's taking longer than expected to respond. They expect another 8 weeks to respond of close the complaint.
  2. Ok, understood. Will draw a line under that one then. Just the credit card claim to hear back from...
  3. I had to look through the whole bundle of SAR files several times before I spotted it. There's nothing in the comms log, but there is a 'Case Report' which is the date they're referring to. I'm still not 100% sure I received the letter - seems somewhat familiar but I can't say definitely. Do they need a copy of it for the proof you're suggesting, or is this sufficient for them? PPI Egg.pdf
  4. Nope, I've been in the same property since 2003 - this loan was taken out 2005. I think I received this letter at the height of the Shoosmiths/Arrow DCA pressure and, being honest, just got worried about responding to it. Didn't realise there was a time limit on it. Doesn't that then affect all claims? Wasn't mentioned in the first loan reply. Ok I'll shoot off a letter to them about the first loan to ask for detailed calculations and double check on the SAR tomorrow to see if they have the letter in the comms log. Thanks dx
  5. I do recall receiving a letter - not sure if it was 2012, but could have been. I can't remember seeing a copy of it in the SAR but I'll double check. Definitely don't recall reading there being a time limit mentioned - is this a valid reason to reject by them if so?
  6. Second one has come through and it's along the same lines. This is for the refinanced loan that was recently DCd by Arrow Global: Claim PPI payments £2836.01 8% Interest £2865.40 Total £5,701.41 Offer PPI Payments £3,365.51 Interest of payments £485.94 8% Interest £748.61 Less redress £2,388.44 Less basic tax -£149.72 Total £2,238.72 Very helpful of them to suggest I contact Arrow Global and make a payment to them! Same tactic on this one - just ask for a breakdown of their calculations? PPI2.pdf
  7. I think it was more I was unsure if I could cash the cheque while also disputing the total - sounds like if it's a F&FS and I cash, that's the claim finalised. Just wanted to check as I could have sworn I saw someone give advice on here the other way.
  8. First reply back - complaint upheld but far lower than in my claim: Claim PPI payments £556.10 8% Interest £794.17 Offer PPI Payments £473.55 Interest of payments £40.21 8% Interest £262.27 Less any previous rebate paid -£330.20 Unsure why their 8% is so low in comparison to the spreadsheet's calculation They've also taken out 'rebate paid' which in their notes says it's a partial refund of the premium upon early termination of the policy - I paid this loan off early. Does this make sense? Lastly, they say that if I cash the cheque they're sending I agree this is full and final settlement and can't make any further claims on this case - is that true? I'm sure I read something else to the contrary here. PPI 1.pdf
  9. Yeah, I did think it was a bit of a 'kitchen sink' reply. Ok, I've spoken to my previous employer and they've directed me to the sick/absence pay terms online - 52 weeks sick pay. I'll write up a reply to CS tonight and include a printout of this. Thanks.
  10. My letter to them was focussed purely on the fact that I didn't opt in to PPI for the card and was not told about it by Egg. I didn't outline all the bullets they've listed.
  11. Sure - letter is uploaded. I've reached out to HR of my former employer to see if I can get confirmation. Awaiting response Canada Square.pdf
  12. First reply back from Canada Square and a swift rejection of the Credit Card application. Reason: While they do acknowledge flaws in the sales process they do not accept all my allegations. However despite that, I stated that I would have received no pay from my employer if I was off work due to an accident, sickness or made redundant. Also I stated I would have had no other way of making repayments . On discussing with a former work colleague, I think I got that wrong in the application. The sick pay for my employer (major Bank) was minimum 6 months and after that it went to insurance. Is it worth me trying to get that confirmed by the employer (was c2000 so I have no idea if this is possible?) and then go back to Canada Square?
  13. Great advice on the other Egg PPI thread, soI'm making my covering letters as simple as possible. Can I just check the reasons work, especially the 2005/6 loan: Egg card - never knew I had PPI, nobody told me (not on the agreement form) Egg Loan 2001 - was not told the PPI was optional (unclear from SAR if it was online application/PPI tickbox) Egg Loan 2005/6 - was not told the PPI was optional, also was self employed at time
  14. Ah straight to CS - my mistake. Getting it all together now. Cheers
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