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  1. I have paperwork to say it was sold to them and debt not on credit file
  2. Hi, Having issue with HFC put in ppi claim they amint they mis sold offer sum then say they will take it of the debt owned hfc sold debt to tbi and they have not forward the money to them just want to take of the debt owned to them. Question if they sold the debt then how can they still have outstanding balance second question do hfc own TBI Help pls spoke to FOS there cases are 12-18 mths behind
  3. yes but fos rules say they cant offset to a third party only can offset if amount still owned to bank is this not the case
  4. HI, The Claim is about £3200 ish yes i will take them to court i assume it will be the small claim court since posting this they have sent me a letter saying i have not signed the acceptance letter so they can not action the refund , they will get a letter back saying if they wish to redo the letter saying i will only sign if the money is coming to me not tbi , or do you think to go straight to court.
  5. just phoned hfc they not even bothing to respond to offset letter i sent they said complain to fos , can i go straight from smal claims court rather than fos
  6. Will be it be through small claims court or something esle as they havent even bothered to send sar information back either
  7. If they still say they with offset to TBI do i complain to fos or can i start legal proccedings to recover the money
  8. Hi just got reply back from HFC re ppi claim they are agreed amount but want to offset to TBI can they do this as they sold debt to tbi in 2001 if they cant what legal stuff do i use to claim it back to me
  9. I sent away for ppi Claim which i used the spreadsheet to claim back money I claim back the £1064.10 plus the interest of £393.30 which was the orignal insurance sold to me . the loan was sold to cabot in 2006 so i claimed back the 8% till then coming out at about £2345, The loan also paid previous loan which had ppi on they sent me an offer of £245.86 for loan one and £1061.33 for loan 2 If they sold the debt to cabot and cabot are claiming the full amount for the loan am i enited to the full ppi to be paid back to me plus interest or is it just the on payments made.
  10. HI , l Looking to reclaim PPI charges is there a standard letter to send if so where can i find it
  11. Hi, Am a little bit annoyed of the advice i keep seening pop ref cca requests and non enforable agreements , If the dca does not provide you with the requests it justs means they cant chase you full payment or take back goods etc but they can effect your credit and take you to court if you dont pay i feel that a lot of advice is misleading below is statment of the OFT website ref nonenforable agreements. If this information is not provided within 12 working days the debt becomes unenforceable. This means a creditor: cannot: - make the debtor pay the debt before they're supposed
  12. having checked cra it looks like cannot have just done a name change from barclays to cabot as it says account opened in 16051996 cabot took over in Nov 2011 please advise what to do
  13. The start date is when the account opened with barclaycard 16/05/1996 i dont want my cra file ruined can i offer them a full & final settlement as they cant prove the debt
  14. Hi i had a barclaycard from 1994/5 went into default about 2001 been paying back to barclaycard reduced payment until cabot took over in november so i cca them and sar barclaycard getting no respone from either only thing come back from cabot is we are waiting for paperwork so i sent letter to say they cant enforce debt, they have now entered on my credit file the debt (can they?) and are demanding payment , what i want to know is what is the score do i not pay them can i make them take of my cra file or do i offer them silly reduced final one payment to close this matter please someone help i
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