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  1. This is what I have received after sending proof I was out of the country at time of speeding offence I still have no idea why they sent to my previous address when the car had never been registered there . Also I had a fine on the car at my current address when the car was one year old as I had forgotten to tax it (zero tax so didn't realize i still had to go on line and tax) nv let.pdf
  2. Hi all I spoke to the courts earlier today they advised me that the points placed on my licence were removed in October 2019, and that a court date is set for November 26th. Guess what ??? I had not been given that info either. The courts were very helpful and explained to me that everything had been sent to my previous address (which I have not lived in or owned for 5 years) The car in question was registered in March 2016 and I have owned since new and has never been registered to my old address. I have proof of this do
  3. The 1st I knew about any offence was in October 2019 and believe the letter from police was saying that they believe I did not receive the 1st one sent out. I was not in the country on date of offence which was December 5th 2018, if I had received ANY communication regarding the offence at the time I would probably been able to narrow down who was driving. i have had no other communication of this offence other than this letter saying I should either lead guilty or send the forms to the court pleading not guilty which. Have about 4 weeks ago but had no reply.
  4. Brief description , I went away on holiday in October 2019 came back to the letter attached. States that I was speeding in December 2018 (I was actually out of the country on the date too). It says that I may not have received original correspondence, so they are sending the SJPN again for me to fill in. I filled the form in explaining that I was out of the country at the time and had no idea of this offence until October 2019. I could not hand on heart say who was driving at the time as it could have been 3 or 4 family members who had access t
  5. that demands and needs could be your gt out of jail card, if it actually says your doing over 20k per annum. if so get in touch with FSA AND ALSO get in touch with ford credit and tell themto get involved. 7/8k offeredis way way to cheap for a zetec s tdci, nearly half price with only 13k on i dont think so!! i am actually going on holidays tomorrow so will not be able to offer any help for a week but if not resolved when i come back i will be in touch with you.....neil
  6. how much neg eq do you have?? how old is your car?? how much mileage? any extra's street pack b/t usb etc and what condition is it in?? have you taken it to any other dealers for a valuation to see what they will offer. i know it is common practice to use less mileage in pcp agreements but it is normally only when customer pays a substansial deposit. you have definitley been mis advised but proving it could be difficult if it is your signiture on everything including the demands and needs. have you gone back and fronted the salesman that told you all this?? tel
  7. Hi I work for a Ford dealership, i am aware of options deals, if you sign a new agreement you will be dealing with Ford credit(fc) not Evans Halshaw (eh). you will see on the finance agreement what your true deposit is, anything over 300 is your equity from earlier car. what would happen is your settlement figure would be contra-settled ie taken out of monies paid to eh. should you then cancel deal in cooling off period it would then bring into question whether your earlier deal would be re instated. As if you were able to walk away with no debt everyone wo
  8. bob . darke at comet.co.uk maybe if you contact the ceo direct he will get things sorted for you!! sorry i have had to post address like i have but cannot post it properly until i have 10 posts in the bag. good luck
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