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  1. I do need access to the work computer and perhaps can do this over lunch on Monday or after work, assuming I am given permission to do so. I have just called the person I would like to accompany me to the disciplinary and she tells me that on Friday the boss took her to lunch on Friday and showed her the two letter (his to me and mine requesting a postponement) to her. I thought that these were supposed to be private?
  2. Hi I received a letter from my boss at 5pm on Thursday 22nd November 2012 calling me to a disciplinary meeting taking place at 10 am 27th November, which is two working day's notice. The allegations are numerous and serious and will need to exercise my right for a co-worker to be present and call on witnesses. I felt that I could not do this and adequately prepare my case in the time given, so requested a postponement of 5 days. I handed this letter to my Boss at 9am on Friday morning 23rd November. At 5pm that day I was handed a letter refusing a postponement. Now I just have this weekend to prepare, cannot access computer files that could support my case and feel I have insufficient time to prepare my companion. Please help. What can I do about this situation? I have been trying to contact the ACAS helpline since Thursday evening and have, as yet, failed to get through. Thanks
  3. Sorry to keep firing questions at you Becky2585, but how am I supposed to know what process is being followed, and if it is being followed correctly, when there are no written policies and no mention in my contract?
  4. Thanks Becky2585, but I have read that wrongful dismissal can also be claimed in the event of an employer bringing false allegations of misconduct, which is also classified as breech of contract.
  5. Hi Becky2585 So the fact that the allegations leading to this disciplinary action are baseless and I can prove it appears irrelevant; I just have to go through the sham of a process, get sacked and walk away with my professional reputation in tatters and a few hundred pounds in my pocket? Surely not, employment law can't be so one sided can it?
  6. Hi Ell-enn Do you mean is it referred to in my contract? It's not and I have never seen their disciplinary and grievance policy and actually don't think they have one. I have asked to be supplied with a copy and they are just procrastinating. Thanks
  7. Hi Becky2585 I know that unfair dismissal is not possible, but wrongful dismissal is I think. I have read that a breach of contract by employer, which can include false allegations of misconduct, results in wrongful dismissal. Now whether that can be proven is a different point altogether. The final accusation made to me in the letter was that I misrepresented my skills at interview, which is nonsense, since I do not need to embellish my CV or skills at interview. Nonetheless, this accusation touches on fraud. Surely, I must have someway of combating such untruths that have the potential to destroy my career? Thanks
  8. Also altobelli, both directors (married) will be in my disciplinary hearing and I can only assume that will be the same for an appeal hearing - there's nobody else. So I can't expect a fair hearing or appeal. Of course this has really stressed me out, and not just since yesterday. I have even been to my GP about three weeks ago about headaches and sleeplessness. Thanks again
  9. In terms of filling knowledge gaps, that was asked to my colleague by our Boss, presumably to ensure that she is capable of taking over from me when they sack me. So, you are suggesting I give them a written defense, and should it supply that with them in advance of the disciplinary meeting? Thanks
  10. Thanks for your response altobelli. I am actually female. What I have tied to set out in my first post is that the Directors have engineered the process leading to this disciplinary and have done it in a time frame that is suitable to them, ie I have been given no indication of performance-related issues and only receive the disciplinary hearing letter when the Directors have confirmed that I have "filled all knowledge gaps". Surely, disciplinary procedures are not meant to be used so cynically by employers?
  11. Yesterday, I received a letter from my employer calling me to a disciplinary hearing. The letter cites numerous conduct and performance-related issues and states that a possible conclusion of the hearing is dismissal. I have been with the company for six month, successfully going through my probation period, and have never be told verbally or in writing that my performance did not meet the requirements of the job until yesterday. Two and a half months ago, the company employed a part-time worker and I was told she was there to assist. She was made full-time last month with a salary £6k above mine and on a company pension (which I am not); further, she is less qualified than me. Yesterday, before I received notification of the disciplinary hearing, this colleague was asked by our boss whether I had "filled all knowledge gaps with her since the company could not afford to employ both staff". I have seen a change of attitude by my boss towards me since just before the new arrival, and his actions led me to believe the company wanted to get rid of me. Now this seems are very real likelihood. Furthermore, the company is small and my boss (also a director) is married to the other Director, and they will both be present at my hearing. I know I have been falsely accused, know also they have decided to terminate my contract regardless of the case I present, and also know that I cannot possibly get a fair hearing. Please, what should I do? PS Sorry for the length of this thread; stressed out and need to present a clear picture. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your reply. On my previous thread, most advised me to take this issue direct to County Court. However, I am rather fearing that approach since I have all my accounts and mortgage with Barclays and don't want the situation of them closing down my accounts (not sure if that is legal but I read that it has happened to some with other banks/building societies). I feel the FOS is my best option, but it seems the process is a very lengthy one?
  13. HI I posted a new thread last week about my PPI mis-selling complaint to Barclaycard not being upheld. I received very good advice on this, but didn't get a response from anyone that was/is self-employed and had their complaint upheld by BC. Since then, MBNA upheld my complaint and 2 months ago EGG did the same. Whilst the policy wording is different in the three cases, the exclusions all seem to make it impossible for a self-employed person to make a complaint on the grounds of unemployment. I would really appreciate hearing about the experiences of other self-employed (sole traders) and PPI mis-selling complaints to BC. Thanks, Paul
  14. Thanks, I will read through the pdfs. I know this is a difficult question to answer, but can a self-employed person claim under BC's PPI policy under unemployment? The way I interpret this clause it doesn't seem possible. Could you direct me to relevant posts. I am new to this forum, how do I find the PPI Forum Stickies? Thanks
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