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  1. There isn't enough information to know whether the customer or amazon is behaving badly. if the customer is buying five things the same just in different colours and then returning four then it's the customer. if all the items are different and faulty then amazon are behaving badly. the only issue is really the value of the credit in gift token. that should be refunded.
  2. I guess that depends upon if you call identity theft fraud. There was a program on channel 4 not long ago. still don't believe me. believe the banks when they say this is secure. or alternatively look it up on the net.
  3. if your phone went walkies they cannot access your account or your money because the app is on the phone but the pin to get online to your account isn't. to access your account you call up the app. it contacts your bank over an encrypted link and asks for your pin. u type it in and the remote banks let you in if its correct. if it's not it doesn't. so if you don't give anyone your pin they cannot use your app.
  4. The way it works is that you register on your own bank's mobile/ online banking app with your phone number. If you change your number you change it with the bank and it moves.
  5. Giving somebody your bank sort code and account number has led to problems for a lot of people. This transfer via your mobile phone number is far more secure. It keeps your bank details confidential. That has been a problem which you may not have experienced but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Certainly using cash may mean that, for you, you have better control of it. For some people it burns a hole in their pocket. I had money taken from an ATM at a bank when I was visiting my mother miles away in hospital after a heart attack. I contacted my bank and their response was that my partner must have used my card and that they would prosecute her. She did not know my pin and did not have my card but that was what they were going to do so I accepted the loss rather than have her prosecuted.
  6. so would Amazon be the target because 12 months cover is inadequate under sog or because the manufacturer gives 36 months ? it would probably be argued that Amazon buy at lower discounted prices so their profit margin is lower to support their lower warranty ?
  7. yes, warranty are in addition to soga. so in the samsung/amazon case quoted enforcing soga after (say) 30 months may not be that easy. if the samsung warranty is valid then it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. oh, I thought they didn't cover purchases bought online from overseas ? also how would one enforce them against a retailer in (say) China ?
  9. Samsung provide a 3 year warranty. Amazon provide a 1 year. So if I purchase a Samsung product from Amazon what warranty do I get ? If it's (for arguments sake) an Amazon Marketplace trader based in China what is it then ? Similarly if one buys off ebay a new product what then if trader is inside EU or outside EU ? confused....
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