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  1. Hello all, After successfully winning my Barclays charges claim, I am now on the case to fight to have the default charges placed on my credit file removed. They were directly as a result of the indiscriminate charges placed month after month on my account. Despite my paying everyting on time, being up to date with all my payments and paying well over the minimum payments, the defaults are preventing me from obtaining cheap credit, 0% balance transfers etc. Egg also issued me wih a default notice at around the same time, about 2.5 years ago and will stay on for another3.5 years... I will read the threads for advice and will post again once I have an idea of a plan of action. I still do owe Barclays and Egg amounts of money (which I pay by agreement and much higher than minimum due) -does this mean that I cannot request for the defaults to be removed? Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks beforehand. Flor
  2. Hello -and congratulations Trollsicles!!!! Great to hear of your win! Have been quite busy for a while so just catching up on claims and looked yours up. What a lovely holiday you must have had...Enjoy your win -you deserve it! All the best. Flor
  3. Hi Adrian, It's bee a while since I've been on the forum so just catching up now! How are things going with your claim? do you have a date for the hearing yet? things must be nearing completion by now... Hope all's going well. Flor
  4. Hi Adrian, That is a good amount of money! and the likelyhood is that you'll need to take it further with Barclays at your local court (although of course they won't appear -certainly haven't so far) so you get to claim the interest back too! Keep going and my advice would be to keep track of everything, if you do good filing of all your documents now, it'll be easier for when you come to do your court bundle later on. I have recently won £3400 back from Barclays and felt quite apprehensive too but then quite proud to take the big guys on -and win! Lean on suport from people on the forum. I found it a great help to shout out when I was losing confidence with it all, as someone always posted back with kind and encouraging words. Good luck! Flor
  5. Mama Bear, You are doing everything right. Just keep asking on here if you have any questions. It is nerve wrecking but it'll all be worth it!! Flor
  6. Thanks Tanz -and for your help too! Flor
  7. Hi Mama Bear, I am sending you the link to my thread so that you can follow what happened with mine: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/24134-flor-barclays-5.html If I had gone to court today, it would have been because I had been missed from the lists and not because Barclays thought they could win -as they haven't yet appeared! I'll look at your thread too. Flor
  8. Hi Trollsicles, I'm sure that it will be fine -maybe just give the Court a ring today to ensure that the dates will actually be taken into consideration -and for your peace of mind. Best, Flor
  9. Hi Trollsicles, Thank you! And you keep positive -you WILL get there as I did -and you know I had my doubts and insecurities about it! Shout out for a bit of encouragement when you need it -it keeps you going and makes a world of difference to how you are feeling. All the best for now. Fingers crossed for you...you are nearly there... Flor xx
  10. Many thanks Mark. The number I called is the one supplied by dickeggsy, Anthony Lombardis - 020 7116 5634 (friendly chap). I called and left a voicemail for Anthony and he called me back and gave name the name of the person who was dealing with my case. For me it was Charlie Sparling - 0207 116 1944 (direct line). Charlie returned my call after a few minutes -if he isn't dealing with your case he'll be able to direct you to the right person or Anthony can. Both friendly and are totally snowed under by the claims and quite often as appears to be the case, loose track -better for us! Hope this helps and good luck! Flor
  11. Thank you!! I am a fiesty lady but sometimes my nerves fail me! haven't taken a bank to court before So glad I did call though as it got sorted very quickly. My advice to anyone who is in my position is to leave the bank contact to the last minute and then make the call. If they haven't been in touch, chances are that you might not even appear on the lists -so don't do as I did and think the worse! The money will come in very useful to pay things off and a little for a weekend break! All the best, Flor
  12. Hi dickeggsy and Trollsicles, Thanks you for your encouragement when I was feeling particularly terrified!! Well, I phoned Anthony Lombardis on the number you gave me dickeggsy, left a message and then spoke to Charlie Spalding (called me back after 10 mins!) who was dealing with my claim and then SUCCESS!!! They have paid out in full!!! Thank you so much for providing the contact name and number. It appears that they didn’t have me on the “claim/court spreadsheet” so wouldn’t have called me and therefore would not have turned up in court either. Charlie Spalding was mortified and admitted that they were struggling to keep on top of it all with some people being missed out altogether like me! he apologised profusely. He then asked me to return the letter that he would fax to me and return to them. I asked when the money would be in my bank as I would not stop court proceedings until I had the full settlement in my account. He confirmed that it would be in in the next hour and would I please return the letter and inform the court once I had checked my account. It was there an hour later!! That's the healthiest my account has ever looked... Can’t believe this is over. I will be sending my contribution to CAG as without the help on this site I wouldn’t have claimed my charges back. Everyone's support has also been so appreciated. I will continue to use the CAG site and in particular this forum -if I can help anyone, please ask. To be honest, I didn't think I would get this far and going through each step was encouraging but getting my money back was a bit of a dream and yesterday I was even panicking of making the phone call! Many, many thanks to this website and to everyone for their support, information and advice. It's like having a whole new set of friends. I am over the moon!! This is a bit like an Oscar speech!! Good luck with all your claims! Now for me, there is just the matter of the Default Notices to pursue...
  13. Hello Trollsicles! Thanks for remembering me. Well I haven't heard from Barclays and am terrified that I'll have to appear in court on Thursday!! Just hope they call -not too late is it? what's the average number of days that they call before the court date? The problem is that they do have my mobile number but if they haven't noticed it on the corespondence -and I work full time and no call and when I get home check the ans machine and no message....aaaargh.... Will they write to me if I they can't get hold of me on the phone? Does anyone have any reassuring words?? My partner says not to panic... Flor :-|
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You must be so relieved and happy....enjoy!! Hope I have the same outcome... All the best, Flor
  15. Letter sent to registered address via Recorded Delivery.
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