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  1. Hi all, I am just looking for some advice on where I stand on a recent parking (if you would call it that) charge notice I received. I am a private hire Taxi driver in Liverpool (DELTA), on dropping a fare off at John Lennon Airport, I exited the designated drop off point (5mins free, after 5 mins you must pay. As you can imagine there isn't a whole lot of time to collect money, unload car then do what I need to do before taking another job). Heading out of the airport, away from anything that may be deemed dangerous, I pulled over for exactly 76 seconds (Yay for VCS sending out
  2. I received the documentation from Black Horse this morning, and to my surprise it has my occupation down as something I am no longer in. The job they have me down as, I resigned from several months ago! Contacted Black Horse and the supervisor dealing with me has gone home, so it won't be till Monday now that I hear something.
  3. Hi all, Two days ago I applied for finance on a car that would cost 7,995. The dealership applied for finance with BlackHorse and I was accepted, only for 5,800. I sugested to the salesrep that I could POSSIBLY part-ex another vehicle (totaled at 1,500) and put in 600.00 cash. I told the rep that I would need to speak with the person first, to which he acknowledged. He then had me sign on a computer-pad two signatures, and that was it. I went away, 20 minutes later I was back at the dealership explaining to him that my plan will not work. He then explained to me that it was too late
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