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  1. Had a really good day today, Wonga agreed to a 12 month payment plan, and Wageday Advance and Payday Uk have also agreed to 3 month plans. Havnt heard a thing from Lending Stream as of yet. Payday Express seem to be a massive problem at the moment. Im getting texts telling me to ring them because I havnt got in touch with them yet (even though ive spoken to them 3 times and emailed them around 10 times) and they call me non stop. Does anybody have any experience with Payday Express and have any ideas on how to get them to accept a plan??
  2. Thanks for the reply ivansmagic. Got a reply from wonga today asking for my income/expenditure again so hopefully it is moving in the right direction, heard nothing from the others though (apart from payday uk who said thanks for their first payment of the plan today!)
  3. Hi all, Ive been reading these boards for a couple of weeks and its so comforting to see I am not the only one to fall into the Payday Loan trap. I was hoping that I could get some advice from some of you regarding setting up a payment plan with the payday loan sharks! Here is a breakdown of what I owe and what I have offered. Wonga: Owe: 855 Offered: 60 a month. Ive sent them 4 emails since yesterday morning to try and setup a plan and have had no response as of yet. Wageday Advance: Owe: 250 Offered: 17.65 a month until february when i can pay the full balance. Emails back and forth trying to set up a plan, they werent having it. Finally asked for an income and expenditure form and a bank statement in the next 5 days to come to a decision, have emailed them the IE form but will not send them a bank statement. Lending Stream: Owe: 456 Offered: 32 pounds a month, sent several emails to them since yesterday morning and heard nothing as of yet. Payday Express: Owe: 300 Offered: 21 pound a month till february when i can pay the full balance. Emailed them several times and no response. Spoke to them overthe phone, very rude lady saying i dont qualify for a repayment plan and cant freeze interest unless i pay 60 pound to defer loan for a month. Payday UK: Owe 250 Offered: 17 pound a month until february when i can pay the remaining balance. Finally had some joy, they agreed to the plan straight away as long as my first payment is 25 pound. Havnt recieved this in an email yet havinh asked them 4 times. I was hoping some of you could let me know whether I am on the right track and whether this is similar to any of your experiences. Am really worried about this so am really looking forward to any reassurance! Thanks Skippz
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