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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and wondered if anybody had any advice to offer concerning a recent nightmare experience with o2, having previously used them with no problems. So much has ensued over the past weeks that I don't know where to start. I had originally planned to switch to Sky. When I called to cancel my existing o2 broadband account, I was put through to the Retentions Team who initially offered 6 months free broadband. They later offered me a further 3 months free broadband by way of a credit on my account. My bill for 9 months would therefore be reduced to £13.50 i.e. £7.50 line rental and £6 for anytime calls. I was also offered a reduced charge for the installation of a new line at £43. I agreed to the deal and the date for the installation of the new line. Shortly afterwards, I received an email advising me that I'd signed to the All Rounder Package for £25 per month (I'd initially been offered 'The Works' but I won't even go there because at this point, I don't think I even care & they won't take my word for it so...). However, I immediately telephoned and queried the £25 per month. I was told not to worry. It was just a standard email and the discounts would be deducted to reflect our conversations. I asked for email confirmation of the same. I had an email from the advisor concerned saying that the deductions would be applied after the home move. Incidentally, I've since been advised that that email "isn't strictly speaking from o2 because it is from an individual email account". Next hiccup - the installation date was not honoured. o2 variously advised that I'd been mistaken, that I'd misunderstood, then that o2 had been mistaken etc etc. When I offered to send one advisor the email with the promised 'up and running date', I was told, 'sorry but we can't receive emails in this department'. Third hiccup - the promised dongle to cover the interim period between my actual home move and getting up and running didn't arrive. I chased it up 3 times and eventually received it after 2 weeks. So, in summary, endless phone calls with much conflicting information and promises of callbacks which usually didn't materialise. Once everything was finally up and running, I checked my account online to see a charge of £86.81 for the new line which I queried. "Sorry but I don't have any record of you being offered the price of £43 for a new line". I also queried the figure of £25 for broadband and line rental. This equates to £17.50 for the All Rounder (existing customers are supposed to be billed at £12.50) plus £7.50 for the line rental. The £7.50 line rental isn't in dispute. Line Rental and Broadband are lumped together on the bill. It is the remaining £17.50 I'm disputing for existing o2 customers. I was put through to another department who told me that yes, those details were correct - they would honour the free broadband offer even though it isn't showing but that once that offer had expired, I would pay a total of £31 per month i.e. £17.50 for the All Rounder, £7.50 for the home phone. The account indicates that the £25 already includes my o2 discount. *Boggled* And I was told I agreed to the figure of £25 at the time of signing up. I certainly did not. I disputed it immediately. The only thing I'm certain they have honoured so far is 3 months free broadband by way of a £37.50 credit on my account. Every single person I speak to tells me something different. All I want is to have my online account accurately reflect the proposed deal. I would also like the original connection fee to be honoured and for that also to be reflected on my account. I'm being sold so many different versions that I'll no longer be reassured until I see everything in writing. I was transferred to a supervisor in sales yesterday who was very patronising, talked over me and certainly didn't put my mind at rest. I don't think I can cope with any further phone calls to resolve this. I'm tempted to just cut my losses and go elsewhere within the cooling off period but obviously that means waiting for telephone and internet again. I'm exhausted with it all in the middle of a stressful home move. I apologise if this is all very convuluted. And that's only part of it! I'd be very grateful for any advice anybody might be able to offer.
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