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  1. This makes me slightly more anxious reapplying again :-/ The lady I see at the Work Programme was understanding at first, but that seems to have gone out the window. Some staff left and I dont think they can fit everyone in now for 1 to 1s and stuck us all in a room and go round the table, asking us one by one what we have been doing. A classroom is my worst nightmare, never mind having to speak round an open table ! Im due in tomorrow and spoke to the lady I usually deal with and asked for 1-1, but she says it might be hard and just come in tomorrow Im bricking it :-/
  2. So I will start with a brief bit on my situation - Two years ago, I was on ESA for social anxiety, failed the ATOS test and had to go on JSA. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?327891-Help-with-applying-for-ESA-due-to-social-anxiety My disability adviser was/is great and I was referred to an organisation who dealt with people with disability's looking for work. The programme was for a year and they found me a placement, suitable for someone with my condition. This all ended and I was back to the Job Centre, where I was told I will now be refer
  3. Wow speedy reply! Im also wondering what i should write for my reasons on appealing the descision. Im rubbish at wording stuff. Dont suppose you could help out there? Im pretty much going along the lines of, they have taken into account im a physicaly able to work, but they havent really taken into account that its the mental side thats the problem. Thanks for all your help so far.
  4. Im just wondering if it will get the payments started again. I dont see my pychologist for a bit so cant get hold of a support letter. Will it be ok just to send in the form and sick note just now, then a support letter further down the line, before the tribunal. Just worried they will reject it straight away when the appeal form comes in.
  5. Thanks alot guys/gals, you have helped me out alot!
  6. Thanks for the replys. My main concern is that my last medical note ran out on Friday(I will try and get one tommorow) Will my ESA claim not be cancelled now that my cert is late? Or im ok in the appeal stage of a month. One last question. How hard is it to fill in the appeal form? Something i can do myself?
  7. So i failed the ATOS medical (social anxiety, physicaly fit to work, but not mentally) and received a letter last week saying "You are not entitled to recieve ESA from the 29th of May. My certificate ran out on Friday and i didnt bother to reknew it as i thought there was no point, having failed the medical with 0 points. So my MH case worker just told me i should appeal, as many people are failing the ATOS medicals and getting good results with appeal. I was told i have a month to appeal Couple of questions Can i still appeal even though the certificate ran out on Friday? When does
  8. I never qualified for JSA a while back to due lack of N.I. contributions, will this cause a problem with ESA aswell?
  9. I feel for you, it can be very hard sharing your troubles, esp with strangers lol. Good luck to you!
  10. Thanks for the info Just phoned up and finished the questions. Now i need to get a doctors certificate to post off. If anyone knows what i can expect after they receive the doctors cert, please let me know!
  11. Suffered with social anxiety for years and only just started to receive help for it. My first appointment with my psychologist was today and she recommended i apply for benefits, altho she wasnt sure which one. Ive done a bit of research online and found out its ESA i should apply for. Having S.A. makes it really hard to ask for help, so applying for ESA seems like a daunting task. I was on JSA years ago, but left it as it was overwhelming me, anxiety wise. Fast foward 2 years and still in the same situation, but now financially in a worse state. Thanks in advance Can any
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