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  1. thanks for the reply............................... £3,63.12 to be paid by £10.00 per month from April 2008 £2,600 repaid by December 2013 Lowell financial demand £3,853.50 at minimum of £30.00 it seems they have no knowledge of payments made or its a county court. Well none they admit too regards sinking help
  2. Thank you for the replies................... The debt relates to the purchase of windows were we used to live. The debt was unable to be paid after a time and the result was the county court judgement. The court ordered that £10.00 per month was to be paid. This happened every month by direct debit with no payments missed. In 2011 we moved to a new property and the debt was still being paid each month In December 2011 we had a letter from Lowell Financial stating that the direct debit was to be stopped in favour of British Credit Trust and new details would be
  3. In April 2008 my partner was dealt with by way of a County Court debt brought about by British Credit Trust. Since 2008 until December 2013 she never missed a payment. In December 2014 British Credit Trust sold the debt on to Lowell Financial for a sum of the original county court summons plus their charges. She argued that this was not correct and this has ended up with an adjudicator at the Financial Ombudsman who says that this is correct and my partner needs to discuss with Lowell a monthly repayment. Lowell also wrote for some time through their own admitted err
  4. Hello Antone, I have today the 24th of March 2014 received a letter from the manager of the special payments section and has awarded a further payment of £11.20 to add to the £60.00 already received. They recognise that they have made a mistake but that is the end of the matter. They do advise me that I can escalte to the head of Special Payments but as you rightly say Antone I do not want another crusade as this has been a point of pushing me to the edge indeed. It is sad when a professional body tell blatant lies and tries to hide mistakes in the way the system works So a
  5. Hello all Just to update................I have received a payment of £60.00 for my telephone calls and postage costs. The department investigating has stated they are deeply appologetic over what has happened. They are unable to make any higher payment. So I have written and asked " who is then " So we will see how it goes regards sinkinghelp
  6. Hello Thanks for the reply. Well I am going to give it a go. The lies and deceit shown by the DWP has been deplorable sinkinghelp
  7. Hello all I am sat here fuming so I have just sent the DWP a letter stating I am not happy with the letter they have sent and requesting a compensatory payment sinkinghelp
  8. The half hour free is the way to go and the advice is hopefully good. On the day at Court the duty solicitor is available so when you book in at court ask to see the duty solicitor. There is no charge for them at court. I am aware there have been huge changes in Legal Aid for matters like this - good luck sinkinghelp
  9. UPDATE....................... I have today received a letter from a Senior Investigator at The DWP who acknolwedges an error did occur and that a payment of £60.00 will be made to cover my telephone and postage costs plus the incorrect payments deducted will be re-paid without interest and that is the end of the matter as far as they are concerned. I can of course appeal the decision I do not think the money offered covers any way shape or form for the distress we had from December 2013 until the middle of February 2014 So do I leave it or do I push on but it is trying to under
  10. Hello all Well I have received a massive haul of paperwork as a result of the DWP Data Controller demanding information from his own DWP departments. Now I have to sift through and see if the dates and times I recorded are the same as what the DWP have recorded Its not going to be a quick read ! Also DWP have still not responded to my MP letter of explanation - sinkinghelp
  11. Tagga, I have been there - done that and so I can say with all certainity it is not pleasant but they will not tie you up and torture you. The psycological stress is the worst bit. To get a solicitor to go with you is expensive. Have you tried local CAB or employments rights for help. You will be cautioned and the interview will be recorded. After you have been interviewed make it clear you want copies of the tapes of your interview. If you go on your own THINK before you answer it is not a race. Have you checked with your GP to see if the DWP has requested any information ? Nothing
  12. Hello all Bit more of an update. The SAR report was good but information clearly was missing so I have made the Data Protection Officer aware and they are requesting the missing information again. No one has acted on my complaint letter so once I have received the missing ( hopefully ) information I have been advised to write to the District Manager and I have his details So the word is do not give up and get yourselves a Subject Access Data printout regards sinkinghelp
  13. Hello all Bit of an update. Today my Subject Access Data request I asked for 17th December 2013 arrived by special delivery. It is clear that someone has seriously screwed up at the DWP and my complaint is being passed around like a hot potato. They have managed to show that the Crisis Loan was repaid in January 2012 in full as I stated but the receipt numbers are un locatable. The amount we repaid by instalments is incorrect in method and amount. Still not had my refund of phone calls and postage or interest. Still not had explanation. Any more I will post but a Data
  14. Hello Mr P Yes I have involved my MP and the DWP have not responded to him either. I have just updated today the MP office of what has happened. I will let you all know how it progress's or otherwise sinkinghelp
  15. Hello All Well - well - well guess what ? The DWP despite writing and confirming that an error occurred and deeply appologising for the incorrect deductions of Social Fund Payment despite the Crisis Loan was repaid January 2012 in full the DWP have deducted the repayments again from my benefit. I have as you can imagine telephoned the DWP and been passed from Bristol to Middlesborough and back again to be told I will get a call back. The Social Fund as of today stated quite clearly I do not owe any money and do not understand why these deductions are still continuing.
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