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  1. I will, many thanks borisbeaver I heard today a comment from another local restaurant that my husband's ex employer is avoiding (them) in giving back catering equipment they hired for the event I mentioned on my post, and of course thay have not payed for this equipment. The trainee Chef left and did not finished his notice, and because is a town where voice spreads quickly, they haven't found a Chef yet. The ones around don't want to work for him.......so, I have this feeling that when I send the letter of action, they will claim bankruptcy. They're also avoiding suppliers...
  2. Thanks again Che... I can't afford a solicitor, so, I am writing the letter (s) myself in a way that looks we are receiving professional advice, which, in a sense, I am. So I am reading this forum and trying to extract bits I can work with. This post has been extremely helpful. I agree it will be hard to pronounce rrrrrrrr the way we do !!! My regards to other half, and to you for being helpful.....With this forum I've found I am not the only one who had a terrible situation at work, and now my husband as well. Thanks
  3. Never feel guilty for helping your son. Having one is not a contract that ends when the guy/girls turns 18 and like magic our love and responsibility for them has to end. I am a mother and 37 years old and just right now would not be here if it wasn't for my mum's help and support. And she's far far away...assistedblonde is right: the hardest things in life are relationships so probably your husband doesn't know exactly how you feel? follow her advice to try and be objective, but never fail to your instinct. Good luck and I hope your son gets better soon
  4. Should I then write that in a letter before action? naming the section 13 etc that you posted earlier? Thanks again Sidewinder
  5. Hello again, just an update to say my husband went today to recover his belongings, escorted by a police officer, and the owner was nice and even said he left a message to my husband (HE DID NOT), obviously because the police was there. He entered, took his stuff and on the way out asked the owner about his holiday pay, and the guy said we can't pay you because you'll hear from my solicitor. My husband told him ok you'll hear from mine....
  6. Hello Che, thanks for your reply ! A formal grievance (not a written one) was ever submitted, just endless mouth to mouth complaints. He started as a Sous Chef, after a few months got a cut in salary, he didn't agreed but was scared to lose the job and then promoted as a Head Chef a few months ago. On the conversation about promotion this issue was raised by my husband and they promised to pay on time... HA HA HA Well Che, good luck with "venceremos" signed: a fellow compatriota (maybe?) ps: oh and the holiday pay could be about £800. is what I heard him say but I'll learn to calculate them and get back to you on this one
  7. Hello Sidewinder thanks for your reply. I've been reading a lot before posting and understand the difficulty in constructive dismissal cases. My hope is that showing we have (well, my hubby has) the knowledge it won't go as far as to a legal dispute per se. We went to CAB the same day, and we'll go again. We don't have home insurance but I'll figure something out. Your info was very useful !
  8. Hello all and thanks in advance for any enlightment here... I'll try to keep it short. My husband became unemployed on the 8th of May after an argument with his boss /owner of a restaurant & accomodation due to late payment of his salary. He worked there for 16 months and not one month he got payed on time, always days or even a week late. I will not go into details about working 70 hours + a week, never getting a written contract of employment or receiving his payslips as "the Accountant" is always changing or going on holidays. Unfortunately we've reached a point where a single salary has become more than important and not enough to survive, so any delay would cause overdraft, fees for going on reserve a creating a snowball. My husband told the owner he couldn't work if he didn't get paid on time, that it was the only basic thing he was asking for. The owner said that they would all have a nice day off as the money was going to reach my hubby's account at 4.30pm on the 8th. My husband said he wouldn't work until he got paid. (he's not the only one, same with the Sous Chef, waiters, etc), so he and the Sous Chef left that day. he got paid at 5pm that day (counter credit) and the owner came to our home to make him go back and his strategy was threatening with a solicitor. he needed my husband to work because that saturday the restaurant had an important 200 people charity event (catering). Conditions for my husband and Sous Chef to return until Sunday were: to get paid his acquired holiday payment in advance before the tuesday's shift (denied on 2 occassions before), and cash in hand at the end of each shift. They told him they would pay each shift but the holidays on Sunday after service, as they needed assurance from my husband and the money was coming out from the event. All this via emails....my husband felt he couldn't go back, he knew they were not paying him. They called a Chef to pay him !by the hour, and the guy did not get paid !They lied to him. My husband wrote an email 2 days ago asking when could be a suitable time to pick up his belongings (portfolio, books, knives) and his holiday pay. Never got a reply so he went today, and the owner took the knives from the kitchen and put them in his office). he said he was busy and threw my husband out of the restaurant. My husband told him please I need my stuff to work...he said if he needed to call a solicitor and the owner said bring it on... 3 Head Chefs have gone before my husband in similar circumstances, but we can't afford to lose holiday pay as we need the money to move home!!!!! A police officer will go to the restaurant with my husband and the Sous Chef to try and collect their stuff.....and the holiday pay???? what do we do? I called ACAS today, they said it could be constructive dismissal, we have bank statements with all the payments/dates, all the emails, and we have to request the holiday pay in written and give them 14 days.... Help please
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