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  1. I sent my first SAR in September(sent the 17th), I have proof of posting for that - ignored Made a complaint on 11 November. Took it to my local JCP who stamped and took a copy and sent it to the complaints team. The complaints team then responded by promising me it by the 24th December 2013. IT still isn't here on the 4th January. I sent a complaint to the ICO on the 29th December 2013, and am waiting to hear from that. So far I have waited 4 1/2 months for this info. Disgusting!
  2. There is no pension facilities at all within the company sadly. Osteoarthritis to my knowledge is a permanent illness but I intend to at least try and do some kind of work asap, I have a mortgage to fund. I did not have to have a medical before starting work, but I told the person who interviewed me, who wrote it down. They still offered me the job. The whole time I was employed I was fighting them over the long shifts, but my immediate supervisor did not believe I was disabled, and told me that it was down to me to prove it. I asked then for a health and safety assessment to see if I was st
  3. YEs to be honest I do not think I will be successful either. I want to be treated correctly though, and if they have done wrong then I want them punished. I didn't even know the job centre had disability advisors. I shall certainly ask and see if I can get some advice off them regarding this, it certainly won't hurt trying to find out anyway.
  4. I sent the letter of appeal off already, Would you suggest sending this request separately or in letter form if/when I am granted my appeal hearing please? Thank you for the advice btw
  5. Yes one of the sites is easier to get to now I am unable to drive. 2 are within the West Mids border, 2 are in Worcs (including one I was based at)
  6. I have put it in writing yes, several times. Also verbal. They have 4 depot's(in the West Midlands), mine have got 70 in it approx. One is very much smaller. The other two are a little larger- maybe 200/250 people in each? So I would say at least 700 altogether in the West Midlands area, they have garages in London, Wales and in the North East. Possibly more, but that is just the garages I am aware of.
  7. Sorry, I thought I had answered you. I am unable to do the job I was taken on for. I asked on 3 occasions whilst off sick to be retrained. I can not do the job as to do the job would make my condition worse. I am able to return in some capacity but not for the job I am employed for. I am a bus driver and I have injuries to both shoulders with arthritis diagnosed in one, suspected in other(undergoing tests right now) I can not drive, and have not done so for over a year. For me to drive again right now would mean invalid insurance, and DVLA would prosecute. Probably police too as I am unable
  8. Oh and I forgot to add I asked on 3 occasions for me to come back on light duties and I was refused. Not sure if this has any use.
  9. Seeing as to they have known from the start of the disability, and they seem to think it is ok to ignore it, Then when I couldn't do the job they first said I was lying, then when it suited them suddenly I am unfit. Especially as they chose to not believe me to start with, and accused me of lying. I believe disability has a part to play. Surely to say in one report I am lyings and fit to work, then the next report saying I am now unfit (nothing medically changed between the 2) is something I could use as well? They could have easily retrained me within the company, with little cost to the c
  10. Hi there, I still am sick. My date started 15 February 2012. Just wondering why I was gave different advice from Acas over who holds the grievance. It was on their advice that I asked for this. Thank you for responding.
  11. Hi people, I have just submitted a appeal to my ex employers dismissing me on incapacity. 1) I asked for a health and safety review to make sure I was still ok to work on. I was sent for a occupational health review instead (these are different? ) Work knew from day one I was disabled but refused to believe it. 2) They stopped me from working on medication I was taking prior to a operation based on the occupational health physician report.This was decided on medication I was taking, not on my medical problem. I have been taking the same medication with my immediate supervisors knowled
  12. They paid me holiday pay in November as I had asked for it. My work do not carry holidays over to the next year. So it was a case of claim it or lose it. I have it in writing that they do not carry it over. I would have preferred them to carry it over so "if" I returned there I could at least have money to purchase a vehicle to get into work. ( Had to sell it as living off SSP/ESA since February ) I also have it in writing that they would be paying me 3 and 4 at the end of last year. Which obviously they have not done. ACAS told me to do this claim otherwise they would just be going to an
  13. I have done that I believe ( I filled out a form on that website and received a letter today saying that my work have 28 days to answer it) Has anyone else had to go to court to get money owed to them for holiday and bank holiday money? Any advice I can be gave?
  14. Hello there, I was wondering if I could get advice. I have been on long term sick from February, and work have caused trouble for me from the start. I am involved in a long struggle with my employer over money. They also do not believe my medical problems and went as far to call me factious and claiming my sickness was not genuine. (they basing this on a medical I had who was assessing me on a incorrect problem) They stopped my SSP after 13 weeks claiming my sickness was not genuine.( HMRC got it reinstated for me) While this was being sorted the gave me two payments of SSP "accide
  15. I was claiming for 7 days. The reason for this was according to the Gov web site if under that I would have only been entitled to the days minus the 3 days, but if for a full week then I should have been entitled to the full £81.60. So with my supervisors advice that is what I did. He told me that I would get the full weeks money
  16. Hi all, I recently had a minor surgery procedure done and as a result i had to take a week off work. I get paid on a weekly basis. I tried to get a sick note for the 7 days sick (Thursday to Thursday) but was told that I had to self cert. This i did and handed the note into my employer. When i got my pay I had only been paid £32.64. Is this correct? I was sick for 7 days and according to Goverment web site (can't post link directly as I have under 10 posts) I was entitled to £81.60, spread over 2 weeks seeing as the weeks reset on a Sunday. I did not get the rest of it the following
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