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  1. Hi Kjovi. Have a read of some of the other replies I've made to very similar queries. There's loads of info worth a read.
  2. hi well they have just rang back and with arrears they now want £73 a week off us intsead of £125 they have said this is a tempory arrangement and i asked what happens with the L.O will bailiffs be sent in etc ..they said we have an arrangment in place and whilst you are paying something of the arrears be it only 23 pound a week ..they wouldnt be looking at that kind of action..they can look at cases individualy and they have wriiten down on our case everything i have told them ...he said its only tempory and in the future the arrears must be paid up . i said how long till we do this
  3. ...they said they will get an L.O without hubby attending or knowing about it ..we will not get a letter ..its just so the judge can agree the amount of debt and make it legal ?? ( that carnt be right ) They r incorrect. U have been speaking to a caseworker on a frontline section who has not a friggn clue!! By law the LO team will HAVE to send hubby a 'Notice of Intention'. As the CSA have the correct address there is no excuse for them not to send it. It is a legal requirement by the court.
  4. who said they'll arrest u??!! That's a load of BS. they r going for a liability order r they not?!! U r not obliged to attend if u don't want to. U only have to go if they go to county court for things like CCJs etc but not an LO!! ask for a local hearing. that'll buy u a bit of time. this will also indicate that u intend to go (and therefore challenge them). they will have to send u an ACbd before this so u can review otherwise u could attend and say that they have failed to provide an ACbd of the arrears and therefore could not check their figures against ur own. the mags court will then o
  5. @Pespi: U r entitles to know only certain things she says if it is regarding certain thing ie if u were to say child spends 3nights/w and she says 1. The CSA can tell u if the PWC has agreed or not to the amounts u claimed. The resons she states may b subject to the Data Protection Act. U have every right to ask for all details as allowed under the Data Protection and Freedom of Info Acts. It'd b best to call up the office and ask for the Data Processors address and send a letter directly, otherwise it will likely b delayed in the internal post. The 40day clockk starts ticking as soon a
  6. OOh I've had another thank u!! OOh it's nice Child is 14 so there could b a potential of another 5yrs max of paying regular CM. If there is still any arrears at that time then hubby will still b expected to pay the same (or nearly) amount to clear it. But that's an if and maybe later thing. If u don't dispute the arrears owed then there is no point going really. it is a rubber stamping exercise really. If he wanted to attend and b able to speak at the hearing he will need to ask for a 'local hearing'. Central hearings (or bulk hearings) the court doesn't allow time for the NRP to s
  7. Crewe is a specialist CSA centre so ur case may have had to b dealt with there for some reason before handing it back to falkirk. Not really all over the place is it. I used to have a sensitive case with was dealt with Dudley (I think) until my circumstances changes and now it's dealt with a 'Business As Usual' centre. PS it's not so much a Nil 'calculation' as such she should b thinking of, it should b a zero charge. I despair at the lack of experience/knowledge some have, but with i high turnover of employees and naff pay i'm not surprised. ok my rant over
  8. Write to ur MP now. That's get the Parlimentry complaints team (at CSA) dealing with it.
  9. Sorry i forgot to explain: The LO and any bailiff action is dealt with their 'debt enforcement lo & bailiff Team' first. then it gets passed to the Legal enforcement team as that when it becomes potentially a county court issue. (whereas lo is a mags court issue). If the house is in ur name they cannot apply for a charging order. they may go for a ccj but i wouldn't b surprised if they flag the case to b monitored and reviewed every few months. the car i assume would b registered to ur dad? if so then CSA checks (if the PWC gives them the reg number) will show that and therefore cannot
  10. U cannot question paternity with the CSA now, ur correct about that but if ur hubby really needed to know for definite then he can use the mags court. A LO is a court document that the CSA can use if they want to refer the case for bailiff action. As ur hubby is paying maximum on his DEO and if there r no assets to cover the debt, then it's very unlikely they will use them at this point. However they can refer the case to their Legal Enforcement section but they will have to make sure certain criteria fits. Who is named on the house deeds? Do u own a car? How much is it worth? Do
  11. MA is maintenance assessment. When ur hubby us asked for info for a reassessment, do they ask for just his income details or a whole load of other things like mortgage amount? If u can find evidence u called she's ago about telling them about ur new child, they will have to re-assess from back then. If u can get a copy of ur phone bill (bt have them online I think) that shows a call to the CSA number after it don was born, they should take thus as proof. U may have to write a complaint if they disagree. Lump sum will give u more negotiation leeway as it will show willingness t
  12. Hi kjovi. Have u had a letter from them saying 'notice of intention to apply for a LO'? The main idea with the LO is to get the debt secured. This action is taken if the arrears isn't going to b paid in 2yrs. They have to consider ur circumstances before they send to bailiffs. They have to physically have the LO granted and in their hands before bailiffs r even thought of. Is there any dispute about the amount of debt? That will b needed to b addressed before court. Ur partner can request a local hearing if he intends to attend as a general bulk hearing the court will not allow the
  13. Good. I'd still be interested to know what Mr. C etc does to sort this out.
  14. Ur very welcome boomer! I'm glad they've sent the paperwork through. I assume this is for a parentage dispute/DNA to b arrange by the agency? Basically if ur ex disagrees to the test u will b declared as not the legal parent. It may b better if she does say ur the father so the test will b ordered to b done. Then at least that way u will know either way. If u r, then the cost of the test will b added to the case so u won't necessarily need to pay it off in one go. Keep us updated and best of luck!
  15. If u had any arrears from BEFORE the direct arrangement then that is of course collectable. What they cannot do it charge up any difference in what u paid during the DA. In essence the CSA has confirmed the DA was set therefore the case would have been effectively set as a zero charge (or nil assessment for the purposes of the computer). As the PWC now wants collection via the CSA, I would recommend that you check the date the weekly charge is effective from and how much. (if u feel it should b lower u can ask for a reassessment. At a push u may get it backdated to when the case re-started
  16. Hi mo. Have u still got a copy of the signed agreement? Have u still got the rec del receipt? If u had a call from CSA saying that's fine then they should have set the case as direct payment. This would mean no regular CM would be charged on their computer. Any CM due during the direct arrangement was up to the PWC to collect. If u have the agreement, u need to send (or fax it if u ask for the right number) as insist that nothing is due from the date of the agreement to the time the PWC changed her mind and wanted it via the agency. How long ago did u get the call? It could make the
  17. There are no rates as such. The weekly liabilty would have been based on ur net income. U can call the CSA and ask when u were assessed, how much and what date it was effective from. If u have never had a letter from CSA saying they're happy with a direct agreement (from u straight to PWC) then u should have stayed paying via CSA. The crux is with direct payments, while its still a CSA case, is that, unless the PWC agrees and signs a specific CSA form, they cannot adjust off those payments. Up to a about 18m-2yrs ago they could have if there was definite proof. But they can't now. And no co
  18. Hi Newpartner, When was the case opened? If it was opened before march 2003 then the leaflet link that ukaviator has put up will b worth a read. Is there 'Qualifying' children or other circumstance in ur household that hasn't been accounted for in his assessment? U can ask the csa what can and can't b included. Y didn't he start paying as soon as he had his assessment letter? Even if it was already agreed to pay by DEO, it is the NRP's responsibility to make sure payments r made until it's set up (there can be a gap due to certain employer/work rules that the csa have to work around).
  19. Hi Pepsi. If ur case is new then u will b paying the money to the PWC. No u do not have a right to know if the PWC is on benefits. It won't matter anyway as in oct 2008 there was a 'section 6' repeal meaning all pwc's on benefits became 'private' clients instead of benefit clients. this was to enable more money to go to the children and a few other reasons. And made the onus of informing the JCP re any CSA income, b out onto the PWC. however ALL CM paid by the nrp gets paid to the pwc now and it won't affect their benefits as it is not counted. If ur case is older and the pwc was ever on
  20. If the child stays in a form of further education, be it college/a-levels/apprecticships then CM is still payable. If the child goes into HIGHER education then it ceases. basically when the child gets to 16 (or later at 18), when the next september rolls around, ask the csa to check if the child still qualifies. The csa will do a check to see if the pwc is still getting ChB as by then the ChB agency would have asked the pwc for proof of eligibility. Bear in mond that, even if the child finishes college at aged 18 (say they turned 18 in the April) the liability will stay in place untill the
  21. Right ok. This might be confusing but i willl try and explain... There is a rule on DEOs (deduction of earnings orders) that says if there isn't enuf wage to cover what the deo schedule is asking for, then it can b made up on the next wage and the next until a new schedule is sent. However this MUST not breach the person's protected earnings rate. a PER is what the person has to b left with after CM has been taken. IE: Gross - tax/ni/pension then csa. Things like union subscriptions, travelcard do not count. I would get him to check his schedule amounts and PER against his wageslips. If th
  22. Ah that's horrid!! It all depends on how long u will b off for. If u can claim any sort of prescribed benefit it will help u re csa. Give them a call (and if ur case is older than march 2003 ask to speak to a maintenance assessor), and ask them what u will need to send in for a coc (i assume it's because u will have no income coming in?) tell them ur coc straight away as they cannot backdate anything unless they've had contact from u.
  23. Hi Boomer. When u were first contacted by the csa, y didn't u dispute parentage then? They would have asked u do u accept it and if u didn't say no, then ur r deemed the father. (it's a bit more complicated than that but it sums it up). If u did say no/disputed parentage/said prove it, the csa would have been obliged by csa law to investigate. If the parent with care (pwc) still insisted u were the father then it would have had to go to court for the court to decide (either by their own judgement or they would most likely order a dna test). u shud have had paperwork if any of this happened.
  24. Assisted blonde is right about 4 or 5 weeks each pay run from employers. also employers are SUPPOSED to pay the funds to csa bank by 19th/m however very often the employers ignore this and will therefore pay it late making any processing at the csa end delayed. Unless the employer is significantly late (ie 3m) and does so regularly, the csa are very restricted in law what they can do. They HAVE to follow a process to get it to court but usually the employer finally pays up and of course they cannot then be taken to court. The weekly figure you have been given sounds like what the regular
  25. Here's the direct yahoo link: http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/how-to-beat-parking-fines.html
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