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  1. I've heard something that is worrying... I've heard that there are changes to the rules about what a bailiff can take. I can't find the right legislation online to check. Or might not have been updated yet as it supposedly started this month. Can anyone confirm or correct this?
  2. Thanks. I can't find him in the Gazette but he is lost of the register and the following is the details of the office involved.: Insolvency Service Contact Details Insolvency Service Office Cambridge & Ipswich Contact Enquiry Desk Address PO Box 16653 Birmingham United Kingdom Post Code B2 2NG - Click Post Code for Map of Office (The Insolvency Service is not responsible for the content of external sites.) Telephone 01223 324480 Is this what you meant by OR?
  3. Hi BazzaS. Thanks for replying. The roofer is listed on the Bankruptcy Register. What could qualify a secured debt? Interesting point about £800 not his to offer. How do I find out who the TiB is? Do they investigate things like hidden assets? Thanks.
  4. Hi I'm posting this for a relative. Short version: Roofer didn't finish/even half complete job, cost my relative extra as negligence meant roof leaked and a ceiling had to be repaired as well as roof by another roofer. And put them in danger by taking the gas flue pipe thing. And one or two other things that cost more to fix. Court awarded in my relative's favour. Roofer refused to pay. CEO been to an address but 'nothing to seize'. (He's moved any assets to a storage unit). He has very recently gone bankrupt (personal) and has told my relative he'll pay but only what
  5. Hi. Over a year ago I upgraded my orange contract over to EE. I expected a crossover bill to happen and I paid off the old orange account over the phone and I was told the account was closed. I then still got an orange bill for non-DD charge +VAT. Only about £2-£3 so I ignored it thinking it was just a computer error. I had this happen again for a bit and it was adding the non-DD charge +VAT. I called orange and they apologised and said the account hadn't been closed properly and the bills were automatic. They assured me that the account had been stopped and zeroed. The
  6. Hi guys. I'm hoping someone has some solutions. I'm posting on behalf of a friend, D. They have run up a debt of £2k and they have now shut off their supply this morning. D has had a rough year and suffers from various illnesses including mental health illnesses. D has had a lot of difficulty even opening their bills let alone sorting them so I have now stepped in to try and sort the situation. I spoke to the account manager at Flogas and, although a payment arrangement was initially agreed to, they said they would not reconnect unless the debt in full plus £240 r
  7. If he owes arrears it's most likely the case will be sent to court to obtain a liability order. Once that is done they may refer case to bailiffs. If you get a letter asking for info, put as much info as you are sure of. For example, if you know he has inheritance coming to him; or if he has a tv that's worth something etc etc. The CSA may convince him to make payments to clear the debt. When the day the case will be closed, they mean for ongoing liability for regular maintenance. It will still remain open for arrears collection. If your children are still qualifying, you will be able t
  8. Wife's income cannot be used as 'net income' figure but of she's not earning much and/or receiving tax credits, you will be given an allowance of 'exempt' income. (If case was opened before March 2003). Equity cannot be considered by CSA. Who took you to court? I would definitely involve your lawyer.
  9. Teresa. In short. No. It will not affect any benefits as this money was owed to you historically. Had it been paid when it was due it would not have affected your benefits therefore it cannot affect them after receiving it as a lump sum.
  10. Thanks renegade. Which body is best to report them to?
  11. Hi. I have an update on this issue. CPA cancellation has been enforced so no more debits are being taken. My friend has managed to get a fresh bank account and card. However, today she received a letter from Minicredit that is very upsetting. I will type it below: Dear ## Microcredit ltd (trading name Minicredit.co.uk) has received a chargeback regarding the payments debited from your debit card. We would like to remind you that by signing the loan agreement you have authorised microcredit ltd to debit payments from your bank account using the debit card details registered with us
  12. Thanks renegade. So can my friend expect her bank to refund all but the actual loan amount? Who does she need to report to? And is there a letter I can play with?
  13. I'm posting on behalf of a friend. She took a payday loan out with Minicredit in February this year for £100. She received £80 after having £20 deducted for a draw-down fee. She was due to pay the total loan +interest of £130 mid march but due to unforeseen circumstances, there was not enough funds in her bank for the d-card transaction to take place. She thought about extending the time on the loan online but they wanted £50 just to look at it. Minicredit then attempted to take money from her bank on a few occasions without success but they added charges onto the loan. Because m
  14. I am in receipt of DLA for the same reasons. My local CAB helped me with the income/expenditure form and basically made sure there was no excess. If you feel you can get to your cab then make an appointment or see if they'll help over the phone. If you have a HM worker, ask them to help you to do the forms. CAB can 'authorise' the DRO application.
  15. The maternity grant is just that- a grant. It's not credit therefore not applicable.
  16. Ask CSA if they can try deducting funds directly from his bank account. They have the power to either deduct regular amounts or take a lump sum for arrears. Worth asking.
  17. The nan can have both parents paying for the child. Doesn't make any difference to either parent what the other is paying. How can the nan be getting 'too much'? Both parents contributing sounds fair and right to me. The nan may have come to a private arrangement with the mum which is fine. Nan May not be confident in your commitment to regular payments and regular amounts. Indeed she may reconsider if you clear your debt and ensure you make your CSA payments on time all the time. When the charging starts she may be happy that you will keep making the payments directly to her. You can ge
  18. Firstly- check to make sure your bank had paid the money and get exact date and any ref No's. And inform the CSA if it still isn't showing as they can fish the funds from the big money pot. Probably they have put an incorrect digit on the transaction (should use your NINo). Please note that sometimes the banks take a while to appear on your case. Secondly the PWC cannot demand a DEO (decuction of earnings order) as it is the decision of the CSA. Although a PWC can nag. Thirdly the csa's accepted methods of payment are DD or DEO. You can ask them for a DEO yourself if you find it more
  19. "Ive signed it as i split from my missus as she cheated on me. I love my kids, but i am being penalised for her actions. Where blame is on the femael party for a breakdown of a relationship, there should be a % reduction.............." So would that mean when it's the male's fault there should be an extra % added? Maybe males make it too difficult for females to stay with them. Please grow up. Csa is not being scrapped, only changed. I'm against parents (both of them) having to pay for a service that's already paid by us taxpayers. I for one couldn't afford to pay them to get money f
  20. Call/write to CSA and tell them if he alone owns his house (but if jointly they can't do much). (They can check the Land Registry for ownership). Even if he is on benefits they should still be pursuing his debt. Find out what kind of team the case is held with and insist that they pursue the debt. For debt enforcement to be able to use bailiffs/charging order on house, they will have to get a liability order from the mags court. They can only get one if the debt was accrued after 12th(?)July 2000 due to a non-consumer barred statute. If they are not able to do this they should still keep
  21. Hiya. On a slightly different note, how can I prove I didn't need a license for the last few months so I can get my refund?
  22. Very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.
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