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  1. I have all the paperwork that was signed. It shows my audis price. The vw price. My monthly payments and so on. Only issue is that it shows the wrong recorded mileage for my Audi, whichis the mileage their staff wrote down after inspecting my car
  2. Hi, I had my audi in at arnold clatk for its 5th repair under warranty within 10 minths ownership. The repair was practically a full engine rebuild and taking 2 weeks. The 2nd day of it being in the garage i eventually realised i was sick of the car and disheartened so called up arnold clark to give me a trade in value. The man on the phone asked me to drop the car off, which i told him its in his workshop being worked on. He went away and valued my car and got back to me with a price which would wipe out all my finance and let me start fresh. I went up and had a sit down
  3. No, the real mileage is 60,000 and shows 60,000 but the salesman somehow put down 26,000 on his sheet for my car.
  4. Hi, i was due to pick my 1 year old car up from arnold clark today but due to an admin error it has been cancelled. While my Audi was in their branch for repair i asked a salesman to value my Audi and let me know an agreed price to part ex it against another newer car. He left me a voicemail confirming my car is ok and clears itself so i would be fine. I told him my car is 60,000+ miles, fresh mot and service. He has viewed my car, tokd me his boss had viewed it and was happy. So i go in and sign the vehicle order form to get the vehicle transferred from Dundee to Wishaw which
  5. Hi, Ive just bough a subaru impreza for my partner. Its a project to do up over time until she passes her test. I used sky insursnce last night to insure her on it to drive around when its quite l learn in. Sky insurance was charging £488 for the year and everyone else was £1700+. Obviously i went with sky. The car is due out the garagr today at 1pm and sky have just phoned me to say the insurance has been cancelled due to a problem with the underwriting on their behalf and they cannot insure such a powerful car for a learner driver. No the money will take 3-5 days to go into my ba
  6. Hi, unsure where to post this but it is motoring related, Rented a (4door focus) from avis on 26th may which went through fine, annoyingly they tried pawning me off wi a 3 door corsa and i refused then got it upgraded free to a new MG6. Yesterdy (thursday 7th) i booked a car last minute at around 7pm to pickup at 10pm to start a journey at 4am for a job interview 6hours away from me. After arriving at avis rental desk they informed me that i cannot get any car from them as i am only 22, i kindly told them i rented from them only around 3-4 weeks aho, the man checked the system and sure e
  7. Ooh yes! they sold it to me as a form of "insurance" since my cotents insurance didnt cover it.
  8. I plan on dumping it tomorrow! after re-reading the terma and conditions which i was told to "sign and take awat to read" theyv also mis-sold me OSC! Sorry for the language. Thanks for the help dx
  9. Hi i was just wondering if i would be entitled to claim back all charges from around 07/08 to now as i just found out that under the "Social Security Administration Act 1992 Miscellaneous Certain benefit to be inalienable ** " That includes job seekers which i have claimed on and off for years as majority of my work has been temporary contracts. I have been gettin charges taken off me for around £20-30 leaving me short on money and relying on family.
  10. Yeah i didnt think they could. Cheeky [EDIT] demanding payment of this weeks, last weeks and the late fee! this weeks payment isnt even due untill wedensday. Any help on the wording on how to politley say to them i will pay wednesday. Im not to good with them haha! and all i see is red when i speak to these pre-pubesent staff members who snigger and try make you feel lower than them.
  11. Missed my payment on wednesday last week... They rang today to inform me i missed payment (oh thanks guys like i forgot!!) Now theyr telling me i have to pay last weeks, this weeks and the late fee by tomorrow. Im pretty sure they cant make me do this? I have no money till wedensday when im more than happy to pay. Any help on this?...
  12. Looking for some help towards brighthouse.. I feel i was missold the OSC for a cooker i got and also feel like i was pressured into taking it or i wont get the cooker... I went without a cooket and tried saving for weeks but couldnt manage so i gave in and went to BH! They were saying if my home contents insurance doesnt cover the cooker then i cant have it.. And personally i feelni dont need this as cookers come with a manufacture garuntee anyway?... and really ive never had a cooker break on me and i had my grans 30 year old cooker and it was going fine ! Any advice towards this?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Well ive called twice and offerd them £3.40 maximum and they keep demanding £20 which they are not gettin from me atall!! Problem is my other-half recieves no benefits anymore as its all in my name and they wont let me pay it for her. Id think they would jump at the chance of getting money from someone but theyr not accepting it unless its from her. And they repeat this over and over although itell them she has 0% income its all me.
  14. Hi there i was just looking for some info in regards to the title of this post. Ive recently declared to the council and job centre out of the kindness of my heart that i have moved in with my girlfriend. They took my kindness with great pleasute and stopped our housing benefit, job seekers, council tax benefit and income support. We then lived off £20 for 2 weeks until everything got sorted. Then they sent out 5/6 letters with council tax arrears (sewrage and water) of about £450. I phoned them up straight away at 9am after recieving my exciting new letters! to be told it can be paid
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