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  1. Hi BRIGADIER, I think i get it ... it's not a credit account until I haven't paid a bill, and thus they are giving me credit!, at which point it might end up on my credit report. Does this apply to, say, EDF energy for instance?! Or would they report the account monthly as you suggest (I'm assuming this means that it will end up on my report regardless)? Thanks for your detailed explanation :0) Cheers, James.
  2. Hi There, I hope you are all well! As the title suggests, I'm just fishing for information about exactly what happens when one sets up a direct debit ... is it only if i miss a payment that the address would be passed to the credit agency? Thanks in advance, James.
  3. Hi, First post. Yey. (and nay at the same time!) I got a £250 2 period payday loan from quickquid on 15/11. First payment £62.50 due on 25/11. £312.50 due on 09/12. I paid £150 today. I then had the following converstaion with one of their chat assistants, and just wanted to check they weren't fibbing?! ================= Hello! Thank you for choosing QuickQuid, the UK’s trusted online lender. A representative will respond to you shortly. You are now chatting with Valarie. James: what is the outstanding balance if i paid it today? Valarie: Hi James: hi Va
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