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  1. Isn't seperating them a good thing, especially when defending claims. It will be easier to show a court or for that matter the FOS, how much of the alleged arrears is charges
  2. Hello Cat I have a feeling that MTR is just a shell company. Everything to do with your mortgage is done through Crown as the administrator of your mortgage, which would explain why it is their address that is on your letter. I will take a look at the accounts for MTR tomorrow and see if anything springs up.
  3. Mr MacDonald was replaced on 2 November 2011 by Mr John Nowacki
  4. Hello Cat The registered address for MTR is Name & Registered Office: MORTGAGE TITLE RESOLUTIONS LIMITED 35 GREAT ST HELEN'S LONDON EC3A 6AP Company No. 06644685
  5. Ok just checked the FSA register on the FSA website. 306235 - Crown Mortgage Management Limited Address: Crown House Crown Street Ipswich Suffolk IP1 3HS Phone: Fax: Email: Website: 44 01473 283 800 44 01473 283 848 jane.manning@cmm-group.com www.cmm-group.com Nothing coming up with the FSA for MTR so far but I will keep digging
  6. All I have done is look at their companies accounts, via the companies house website and just googled their name and go through the search results. It takes a little time but it is amazing what you can find out on the net. It is all there to be found
  7. It is a bit of a tricky situation and hopefully someone else will be along to advise. Normally you can reclaim charges (late payment) etc. However, as you say you don't want to raise their interest. You might want to let sleeping dogs lie on the chance that this slips through the cracks and you never hear from them. Under the Statue of Limitations it is 12 years but if the loan is regulated than the rules contained within the FSA handbook become binding as a result of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. I think you have done the right thing so far, try and find out as much information as you can about both companies and your rights I will look further into it, at a guess I would say that it is more likley that the adminsitrator (CMM) is regulated rather than MTR. However, as long as one of them is, it does not matter.
  8. Hello Quack You will not get a new agreement/contract as your account was assigned (sold) to Webb. You would only ever get a new agreement if novation has taken place. You say you have recieved a letter, which by your description is a notice of assignment. If you check your "deeds" with the land registry now, Webb should be noted on the charges registry rather than Picture. You can check online for a small fee http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/wps/portal/Property_Search
  9. Here is some more detailed information about them http://www.cmm-group.com/cmm/en/pdf/S&P_Crown_201011.pdf
  10. Hello Cat If your mortgage is regulated by the FSA, the following rule from the FSA Handbook is applicable - https://fsahandbook.info/FSA/html/handbook/MCOB/13/6 MCOB 13.6 Repossessions MCOB 13.6.1 06/04/2007 A firm must ensure that, whenever a property is repossessed (whether voluntarily or through legal action) and it administers the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan1in respect of that property, steps are taken to: (1) market the property for sale as soon as possible; and (2) obtain the best price that might reasonably be paid, taking account of factors such as market conditions as well as the continuing increase in the amount owed by the customer1. MCOB 13.6.2 31/10/2004 In MCOB 13.6.1 R it is recognised that a balance has to be struck between the need to sell the property as soon as possible, to reduce or remove the outstanding debt, and other factors which may prompt the delay of the sale. These might include market conditions (explicitly referred to in MCOB 13.6.1 R(2)) but there may be other legitimate reasons for deferring action. This could include the expiry of a period when a grant is repayable on re-sale, or the discovery of a title defect that needs to be remedied if the optimal selling price is to be achieved. If the proceeds of sale are less than the 1amount due1 MCOB 13.6.3 06/04/2007 A firm must ensure that, as soon as possible after the sale of a repossessed property, if the proceeds of sale are less than the amount 1due under the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan1, the customer is informed in a durable medium of: (1) the sale shortfall; and (2) where relevant, the fact that the1 sale shortfall 1may be pursued by another company (for example, a mortgage indemnity insurer). MCOB 13.6.4 06/04/2007 (1) If the decision is made to recover the 1sale shortfall,1 the firm must ensure that the customer is notified of this intention. (2) The notification referred to in (1) must take place within five years of the date of the sale (if the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan 1is subject to Scottish law) or within six years (in all other cases). MCOB 13.6.5 06/04/20071 A firm is not required 1to recover a 1sale shortfall.1 A firm may not wish to recover the 1sale shortfall 1in some situations, for example where the sums involved make action for recovery unviable.
  11. Hello Cat In the above situation there should not be any redemption charges applied to your mortgage account. Redemption charges are only payable upon the early repayment of your mortgage and not by the sale of your mortgage to another financial insitution, in this case 'Mortgage Title Resolutions'. Do you have details of what redemption charges have been applied ?
  12. Hello Cat The information in that thread is incorrect. The ownership is as detailed in my previous post. The following is from the accounts for CMM
  13. At a push, I would say that Crown Mortgage Managment, administer the mortgages on behalf of Mortgage Ttitle Resolutions. In a similar way to Acenden and Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited.
  14. As for Crown, I believe they are mortgage administrators From the Crown website About us Crown is one of the mortgage administration industry’s longest-established organisations. We believe that close partnerships with our clients will define our success. Every day, our people work with our clients to optimise the management of the portfolios with which we have been entrusted. We partner with banks, building societies, insurance companies, investment funds and other property lenders to service their residential and commercial loan portfolios. Crown Mortgage Management is at the bottom of a list of companies ending with FCWI in the cayman islands. Starting with Crown, you go up to Crown NorthCorp Ltd, then up to FCWI Luxemborg and finally FCWI in the cayment islands. In November 2009, as part of a restructure of the Crown Group, Crown Westfalen B.V. acquired all subsidiaries of CWB, including Crown NorthCorp Ltd
  15. Mortgage Title Resolutions, I believe has 3 directors and 1 Company Secretary (this information may now be out of date). The only human director is Mr James Garner Smith MacDonald. The other 2 directors and secretary are SFM companies. The following is from the SFM website SFM is a pre-eminent provider of independent directors, corporate administration and governance services to Special Purpose Vehicles ("SPVs") used in the securitisation and structured finance industries. The SFM Group's significant market presence has been built upon the fact that the principals are all experienced capital markets professionals. The Group currently manages in excess of 1000 SPVs associated with international capital market transactions, providing the resources and local knowledge through its offices in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Spain. Going back to Mr MacDonald, he is also the director of numerous over companies that exist for the most part on paper and/or Holding companies
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