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  1. Well, I would like to know, if time for responce from claims ivestigation department is up (45 days since they recieved my letter), whom I have to contact for futher action? Sorry for my English. Thank you Pavel
  2. thanks that laptop is under second year of coverplan(expiry Jan2013), manufacturer's guarantee expiry date Jan11. so, my main concern is how long I have to wait for answer from Investigation depatment? Pavel
  3. Hello I have accidently damaged my laptop. It was sent to repair people and come back with the letter that it's not repairable. Insurance company advise to write to Claims Investigation Department Dixons House. So, what I did send registred letter with explanations and copies of all letters and refferences. Well, at this time over a month gone since they recieved my claim, I've no answer or letter from them. Could you advise about the terms for investigation or next step wich I would need to do? thank you in advance.
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