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  1. I know they will say that but how will it increase risk? If I start using my other bike surely risk drops to same level as it was never stolen, or if I sell the stolen one and buy another. Maybe just park in bey on another street? It's a [problem] I have done no cost to them they should not be able to do me on one? Finally what am I then to do at renewal after reporting. No insurance company has option for theft not claimed. Is it OK to lie then?
  2. So I have a situation. My bike was stolen, recovered with police and tracker company 1h later. Damage is minimal, as in lost my disc lock and tope yoke which I can get for 200 new or 100 used. I have picked the vehicle up and rode it home. Should I be declaring that to insurance company? I do not want to make a claim as my compulsory theft excess is 150. Bike is not stolen anymore and except licence plate marker police had no time to put it on any other database. Plate marker was removed. If I do declare it my insurance premium will sky rocket by 40 to 50%
  3. And another one. So far no letter saying what I need to do with V5 of the bike. 3rd party says my responsibility but no info given. My insurance company only cares about seeing MOT after repair is done to confirm all road worthy and my insurance continues as normal. Who should be notified about Cat D write off and who should be notifying that entity and how?
  4. Interesting because 3rd party said they cannot approach pcp company as I have a deal with them so I have to deal with it. No matter will pay it off on my own this week so not problem I hope but good to know. I have two questions for future. 1. Both company handling my claim and 3rd party told me that I have to accept settlement as is. That is their valuation and I cannot negotiate. That sounds like a lie is it not? 3rd party only changed tone when I mentioned ombudsman and fact I have invoice for bike alone of 11k. 2. What is the deal with replacement vehicle. Should it be
  5. That is true but if you have correct PCP deal you can try and argue. My one is quite clear that best option for you is to return bike after 3y deal. It says monthly payments and deposit are low so you can enjoy the bike cheap and at the end of the deal trade it in for new one, return it and walk away or purchase it.
  6. You do not have to ride/drive like an idiot for that it all depends from situation as you might have had a bad day. Granted then you should have stayed home but how many do. As to previous behavior while I agree a bit it should have influence mostly it should not. You can be speeding all day long on motorway, get off at your exit go on to final stretch home at speed limit. Someone pulls out on you from side road you T bone him/her. Your previous motorway speeding that day will impact your claim for T bone even when it had no relevance to incident.
  7. I have two opinions on helmet cameras. 1. They only work for victim if victim was 100% innocent. Now be honest does it happen? Remember police will review entire accessible footage. I have a friend who was in accident no fault of his own. He got hit from side while on junction on green light. If there was no helmet camera it would have been 100% in his favour. But as there was it was confiscated when he went to hospital. After police review the footage they said accident was 20% his fault as his manner of driving indicates aggressive dr8ver/attitude with assumption he is always rig
  8. Well I got every penny back for bike, extras plus interest for PCP. In short told them for me total value of bike plus accessories is x amount. They got two options pay me that amount (gave them proof of value) or I will go after them for paying me less then my actual damages.
  9. Uh also bike was less then 6 months old at time of accident and I think that changes things yes, no?
  10. I kind off get it but saying that I did not plan to pay off remainder of PCP now or frankly ever, was going to give it back at end and get another bike. That is the point of the PCP I took. By write off I need to pay full value that I would not have done. That is not in my book returning me to pre-accident condition. Give me back my deposit, all the money I paid for accessories and they can then keep the bike and pay off PCP.
  11. Ok I sent them a polite e-mail with full brake down of bike cost including PCP (it is not the same as cash value obviously) plus brake down of all accessories and cost. I have also reminded them it was their customer that hit me, another vehicle, me again and run away hence the vehicle higher in particular is so high but also hence why damage is higher (2nd hit broke one part off that is not cheap), it took police over 40 days to find him. Added word ombudsman in there Funny thing is I was told at first I have to accept their claim and PCP is my cost as per company handling the cl
  12. Hi All, Got a bit of an issue. In Jun 2016 I got rear ended while on my motorbike by a car. In short driver jumped out of bus lane to hit me on purpose. After he hit me I tried to block him he reversed and hit ambulance, hit my bike again and drove off. I did take photo of his car, plate and gave correct description of driver. Took police over a month to trace him but he was found. His insurance company is not contesting liability but their offer for vehicle is pitiful and leaves me in huge minus. My vehicle is PCP so total value with credit is 11000 for bike
  13. To keep my options open how can I find out if they took over existing contracts form them? They seem to have taken everything and I do not have private number to old owner. People sometimes are a joke, been using him since 2004 and he opened 2001 and now this.
  14. It is different people, different company and they say they do not know where my goods are as they knew nothing about it.
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