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  1. I have had loans with hsbc since 2002 in 2004 i fell pregnant and had a lot of debt so i reconsolidated my hsbc loan to include overdraft. unfortunately 10 weeks after having my baby i had a severe car accident which left me unable to walk for 15 months. my loan payments at the time where £347 a month but i was able to claim on the payment protection insurance which paid it for 12 months. As i was still very poorly severley depressed and at times suicidal with no job after my injuries i couldnt afford the repayments but i went with gregory pennington who sorted all my creditors but hsbc wouldnt accept their offers, but we still sent them money every month. I started to get hassled daily about my debts and hsbc would not deal with gregory pennington, my partner was very upset as i had kept my debts secret as i was managing them before my accident and he was scared we could loose out house.(none of my loans where secured) so in the end i felt i had no choice but to accept their new loan. my payents are £150 over 10 years the start balance of the loan was £15200 i have never had anywhere near this ammount off hsbc as i have been paying since 2002 all reconsolidated loans with them and in 2007 i payed £3500 off to reduce my balance i still owe £6500 and havnt paid them for approx 6 months as i have rang them so many times over the last 2 years complaining of how unfair it is and how much they have ripped me off, in effect they have stolen from me they preyed on me when i was at my lowest and now they want the full ammount i owe or they will get debt collectors onto me! I actually want to go to court as i feel i have a really strong case to win as i was so ill i was on medication to help with the depression and my suicidal tendancies all brought on my these sharks hassling me and pressuring me to pay when i had no money to do so. Can any1 offer me any help and advice unfortunatey i have no paperwork it scared me that much i threw it all away. I am a lot older and wiser now and just want to fight my case.
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