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  1. Hi guys I have been in serious debt for about 3 years now. However I changed my life around after receiving some therapy and have been successfully managing dealings with the various credit card companies since day 1 of that 3 years. I have been using a government sponsored scheme to negotiate with the creditors to a)pay them reasonable amounts b)freeze the interest so I have some hope of getting out of this mess. I have had success with all the credit card companies with both of these points and even paid 2 (of the 5) full and final settlements with the help of my mother-in-law. They accepted 32% in both cases saving me a massive amount of worry. 2 of the remaining 3 I have agreements to pay them a token amount until May of this year (having rejected my F&F) but the third one, Opus , have just sold my debt without telling me to a DCA. I have never had any dealings with DCA's but reading some of your very helpful advice on other threads they don't seem a particularly pleasant bunch. I have no argument that the debt exists as I definitely owed Opus and was paying them an amount each month - and having spoken to Opus they say they have definitely sold the debt to the DCA. What I would like to know are your thoughts on whether I should just continue paying these people the same amount I was paying Opus (all I can afford) and whether I should offer them a F&F in my first dealings with them. I just want this to go away and I have this offer of help from my mother-in-law but only up to a maximum 32%. Also are they entitled to see my Income and Expenditure? It's worrying me tremendously. I should mention that I was diagnosed with a neurological terminal disease a few years ago (one of the reasons I got into so much trouble) and have serious mobility problems as a result. However in my own way I fully intend to be around for a while yet smiling all the way (as long as I can get rid of this debt!). My wife is long suffering and completely out of this world. A diamond. I would be really grateful for your thoughts. Cheers bathtime
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