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  1. I agree with you about cats carrying smell around, although some people will make it out to be worse than it actually is, but the estate agent who did the check-out for this property told me over the phone that the upstairs carpets were fine and that the smell was downstairs. BTW the ENTIRE downstairs is solid flooring, no carpets. I reckon the smell was coming from a patch of bare concrete near the litter trays that had absorbed some of the smell. This is where I have the issue. If it was fine upstairs, why do it anyway? If it wasn't fine why the hell tell me it was? They told me it was
  2. Hello all, Basically we had 3, later reduced to 2 cats in a property for about 7 months, upon leaving the estate agent has had some cleaning work done to repair a "cat smell" and a flea infestation. There are four stages in this saga; Stage one: We leave and ask for our deposit back. We get told about a "smell". The agent after about three weeks finally gets a quote of £50 for the downstairs, and tells me that the upstairs is fine. I agree and tell them to go ahead. Stage two: The cleaner quotes the landlord for £100 for both upstairs and downstairs after they view the prop
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