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  1. Have you tried calling the fines office at the court where the case was heard? If not I would contact them and explain that your son had moved and didnt get the letters, plus there is the fact that he has a learning disability and the fact that he is unemployed. They may call the bailiffs off and set up another repayment schedule. Its worth a shot. Does he get any benefits? If so it maybe possible that they will be able to set up an arrangement with his job seekers allowance and have a proportion taken out to pay off the fine, its usually £5.00 a week. If he is not on JSA then find o
  2. Have a look at this, this may help; http://www.lgo.org.uk/publications/fact-sheets/complaints-about-bailiffs/
  3. I would also request a copy of the 3 initial letters plus a copy of the items seized previously. Plus the date and time this happened.
  4. Lin62, I am so so sorry to hear that this has happened to you, unfortunately its a common thing and people just dont know where to turn. I am so glad you found us and have been given such great advice as usual. This link will help with regards to not needing a TV License. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/cs/no-licence-needed/index.app Just fill this in and that should be the end of that problem. Did you send your letter to DVLA as recorded or registered post, if so you should be able to track whether they had received it or not, if not then it really is a good idea to send anything to
  5. Unfortunately the 'fine' (PCN) will not go away, once you get a PCN there are ways to appeal it if there is a need to but if there are no grounds for an appeal then you will have to pay it one way or another.
  6. If you get no joy complaining to the council, you can always complain to the LGO http://www.lgo.org.uk/publications/fact-sheets/complaints-about-bailiffs/
  7. Hit man fat man perhaps, oh the pain of laughing. Now that is comedy I see he is still trying to get people to get his help for a dismissed form 4. They were lucky they were not charged for the case, however they are still trying to bring the bailiff to justice, bailiff didnt show up BTW. Judge was obviously on the ball.
  8. Hence why a Judge is called a Judge, so he can Judge his decisions on the information he is given. I doubt there is a Judge in this land that knows every legislation and regulation etc.
  9. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I am sure it becomes a civil matter if the bailiff clamps a car that does not belong to the debtor. In other words if he takes the clamp off its not a criminal matter for the police
  10. They have been made aware that the car does not belong to you, so they would be very silly if they tried to clamp the car again. Not to mention in a lot of trouble. I personally believe that your son had every right to take the clamp off, however he should of left it somewhere the bailiff could of seen so too pick it up. I would of left a note with it explaining why. Saying that though they should of checked to see if the car had belonged to you. They do have ways of finding out. Have you or your son called the bailiff, his number should have been left with you. If you do call him, I
  11. If you do pay online make sure it has the ref number for the year the debt accrued. I would send them an email just to make them aware that you have paid something. It may not change their decision but it shows you are willing to pay some of the debt off.
  12. We are allowed errors first thing in the morning, I think our brains dont engage with our fingers until that first or second cuppa kicks in. With me its a large pot of coffee
  13. Yes but I had to obtain a covering letter from DVLA.
  14. Well that was enlightening, I managed to get through to them on the phone, first off, how bloody rude these people are. Not to mention contractionary. I explained that it had taken over two weeks for a letter to get to me, he said it shouldnt of taken that long, then he said that it takes about 2 weeks for a letter to be received from them talk about confusion. I was then rudely told that if i didnt like how the system was run I shouldnt renew my license, or words to those effects. I was then told that I had renewed my license back in October and that as the application had nearly run
  15. Thanks conniff, I have tried to call them but the line is always busy. Ive only just realised that they havnt had my license for more than 9 months its only 8. Where they got the nine months from I have no idea. Can you change the title please from 10 months to 9. They totally confused me now. I know thats not hard but you know me. I am going to send an email and send one to my MP, not that he is any more useful than a chocolate teapot. But something needs to be done.
  16. I had to have a medical review with the DVLA back in November last year. I sent my license back in the october ready for the review. I was told that the whole process takes no longer than 12 weeks. In the mean time I am still allowed to drive with a condition that my GP feels that I am fit to drive, which he says I am quite capable to do so. Last month I have been told that I have to either give up my license of take another driving test. This was decided on the basis that I had a stroke 15 years ago. Ive not even been given the chance of a medical to see if I am fit enough or not, which
  17. The op hasnt named her ex husband TT only his employer. Did you mean to say her ex's employer?
  18. Get in touch with the benefits and revenue department at the council. Ask them where the debt had a accrued from. Have you moved in recent years?
  19. Oh the irony! Im so sorry to hear that you have fallen foul of the 'system'. I know many absent parents who earn a lot less, pay more for child maintenance. Im surprised that he was not ordered to show bank statements to show how much is really going into his bank. Absent parents on benefits who get less than £70 a week to live on have to pay about the same amount, but these are genuine cases who cannot afford to pay this amount but are forced too. If he has only £70 left each week to live on, being a bailiff etc, then I can only imagine that he is living way beyond his means.
  20. Have you made any attempts to pay anything off of the debt so far. It would certainly go in your favour that you are making some effort to pay the accrued debt.
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