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  1. Cheers TT Please dont make it too complicated as my brain is really frazzled after the day I have had While I am here can you pop over to my thread and have a look PCN - Marstons. Thanks
  2. Just a thought here, Ive just spoken to my son and he has read out the letter he had received from Marstons and it clearly says that it was Northampton County Court that had instructed Marstons to enforce this PCN, but if Northampton County Court have not had the PCN registered with them, then how can Marstons send out this letter stating that they have been instructed by Northampton County Court. Parking partnership seems as useful as a chocolate fireguard and dont know who has said what etc Im not going to point fingers at anyone at the moment, but someone has not been entirely tr
  3. A little update, and to say I am fuming would be an understatement........ I received an email from the TEC a little while ago stating that the PCN has NOT been passed to them from Parking Partnership Colchester. I have checked, double and triple checked that this is the correct PCN number and it is. Now if that is the case then why have bailiffs been informed......... I was led to believe that it has to be passed to the TEC before any bailiff intervention can be applied. This is the email I have received this afternoon; Now I am either going totally bonkers or so
  4. So just to be clear and so that I and some others can understand it, in laymans terms, a bailiff who has been instructed by the court to collect the fine, can still enforce his fees if the debtor has paid the fine via the courts. Please correct me if I am wrong
  5. Just keeping you updated. I am still getting summaries saying that I am on a prepayment meter. Ive called EDF again about this and they say my complaint is still with the complaints department, but I was told that they would call me in 24 hours, surprise surprise Im still waiting and that was last week. I have written to the CEO, but Im now tired of waiting, its been more than 8 weeks since I raised this complaint, so I have now involved the energy Ombudsman. Watch this space.
  6. It might be worth checking, just incase they didnt pay it and the bill has fallen to your mother.
  7. Just a little update, bailiffs have been put on hold for now. I called both Parking services and TEC, have resent the TE7 & TE9 forms as they had not received them. As for the parking people, all I can say at the moment is that Im very frustrated with them and a formal complaint has gone in, I have much to say about their goings on with regards to this but am awaiting some more info. Im too exhausted at the moment to go on , but will update in due course
  8. Cheers for that dragon, but im under the north, sorry I should of made myself a little clearer, but thank you for looking that up for me
  9. There is a problem with that Plodders, which councillor should I approach? The PCNs are dealt with a different council from where I live. The parking, albeit are council run cover the whole of essex, its divided into two parts, north and south. I dont know who deals with the south, but its Colchester that deals with the north. Im not under Colchester council though, so I wouldnt know which councillor to use.
  10. I dont know whether we have established whether he is on JSA yet brassy, but this would be the way to go if he is. All the OP would need to do is to tell the court and they should then set this up, the bailiff company should be able to do this also, but I doubt they will as they know they wont get their money quick enough.
  11. Cheers for that I will do.. Just done a bit of digging to see what PCN they are still chasing for and it looks like the one that they lost a part of, Ive also just noticed after sending an email to the TEC is that they have changed their email address. It dosnt say from when though, would anyone know? I resent the TE7 and TE9 on the 31st of May, but I received a conformation that they had received it not that the email had changed other wise I would of sent it to the new email. I have a funny feeling that this is what has happened. I bloody hope not Grrrrrr!
  12. Please bare with me on this as its a little long winded. As Marstons are now involved I thought it best it should be in here, if not then I am happy for it to be moved. Last year before my son moved he had 2 PCN's issued, how ever this was through no fault of his own. He lived in a residential permit area and the council had not issued him with the permit which he applied for in plenty of time. As the one he was using at the time was close to running out he called the perking services and told them that he still hadnt received his permit, he was told by the parking people that he sh
  13. Firing email off tonight, just writing it out now will keep you informed.. Thank you
  14. Thank you for this I gave them a ring this afternoon to see if they had made any progress, but surprise surprise, nothing. I was told someone from the complaints dept would call me back, they have until friday, then I will send off an email to the CEO, not that he will read it, but its worth a shot.
  15. If they do hit you with the data protection argument, write a letter of authorisation for you to speak on behalf of your son. Make sure you both sign it and shoot it off to them in an email. Something like this should do; That should be excepted so that you can deal with this on his behalf. Hope that helps
  16. I have been with EDF for a very long time and have never had any problems with them, until now. In fact they have been extremely helpful in the past and have saved me quite a bit. When I moved to this address just over a year ago, the property had prepayment meters fitted which I found that method to be quite expensive. so opted to have a regular meters put in. They said as I am a good customer and had paid my bills in the past they would allow for them to be changed, so I arranged them both to be changed on the same day. Brilliant I thought, I prefer to pay my bills monthly, but I would
  17. I quite understand, we have all been there.You can send letters that need to be signed that dosnt cost anything, just for future reference I thought it was recorded, but its called something else. The post office would know.
  18. Good to see that you have resolved the bailiff issue with your nephew. However with regards to the other debt issue you have raised, it might be better if you made a thread in the debt part of the forum where you would get better advise. I will say that these 'bottom feeders' will do anything to get what they want. Im sorry to hear that your parents have had to go through this.
  19. Im just wondering if this could be another council cock up, Have a word with your local MP and councillor they maybe able to intervene and get to the bottom of it a lot quicker. I have to agree with the others on here it dosnt sound right to me.
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